MS to Announce a Konami Exclusive at E3 Presentation

Brandon Thompson: "We had no doubt about Microsoft having some tricks up their sleeve for their upcoming E3 presentation. When you have someone with as much expendable cash flow as MS and the dedication they’ve shown to ensure they have a place in the world of video games, anything is possible. It appears that one of those tricks is going to be the reveal of a Konami exclusive."

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aviator1893105d ago

We can only speculate as to what this will be...but M$ is filthy rich and developers like their cash.

WildArmed3105d ago

After looking at the site, it looks like it's seeking last minute hits before the E3 starts making or breaking all the crappy rumors going around.

Conloles3105d ago

Cmon Rock Revolution 2!

NeoBasch3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Maybe, but I could see Metal Gear Rising remaining solely on the 360. Kojima is hardly involved. He probably doesn't even care. Konami went multiplatform for the money. If Microsoft, were to offer something, they might take it. Even if it's "exclusive", it would probably only be a timed exclusive. Kind of like how MGS2 first appeared on the PS2, and then was ported to the Xbox. That'd be my guess at least, if this rumor was true that is.

Sunny_D3105d ago

Perhaps, but I really hope not. It could be extra mission packs timed exclusives where you play as Solid Snake? I really would be pissed.

Xeoset3104d ago

I can see the same if I'm honest.

To be fair though, with the amount of rumour articles on GoFanboy it wouldn't surprise me if they gave Patcher a keyboard and told him to get on some ideas. If you spout a thousand rumours, one will come true, right?

Redrum0593104d ago

mEtalgearrising was never a xbox exclusive and just cuz it's konami doesn't mean it's kojima productions.

3104d ago
NeoBasch3104d ago

Sorry, I could have worded that better.

I meant to say that PS3 development for MGR could have been pulled until the time window for exclusivity passes. It's just a possibility if this rumor is to be believed.

Sheikh Yerbouti3104d ago

Bad idea if it is the Metal Gear franchise.

Metal Gear fans have a PS3 and likely only a PS3, they would completely abandon a market and start again, rendering years of great storytelling and games obsolete?

New IP. Really the 360 needs them to stay fresh. It is long in the tooth - around 40-something in console years with Natal being its mid-life crisis.

aaronisbla3104d ago

Baschps3, what i dont get is when people say konami went multiplatform for the money. If thats the case, why risk screwing up sales for one system with timed exclusivity? perhaps if this was the first year of ps3 but both have decent sized fan bases that shouldn't be ignored

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HolyOrangeCows3105d ago

Teh insider sources sez so.

NecrumSlavery3105d ago

Hmm? MGS4 Wave, a port into HD of the iPhone game. That actually sounds kind of fun and would sort of ease that "360 can't have MGS4" thing.

himdeel3105d ago

Those are the only Konami franchises that make me excited as a gamer. Otherwise the speculation about MG: Rising being exclusive or even timed exclusive is just not exciting it's more of a disappointment.

NeoBasch3105d ago

You must have never played Suikoden. Don't know about you, but I'm eagerly anticipating Suikoden VI.

CimmerianDrake3104d ago

I REALLY hope that it's not that, or Zone of the Enders 3. My guess is Contra. When's the last time a Contra game was out? ZoE 3 and Suikoden VI would fail on the 360 as exclusives.

himdeel3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )'s one of the missed gaming opportunities for me :(

HQLocated1113105d ago

Xbox 360, it only does timed exclusives and multiplats.

PRHB HYBRiiD3104d ago

HQLocated111 it only does trollin

ClosingRacer3104d ago

Well by the looks of you pic your are a ps3 fanboy so duh you would think like one... but to be fair on this subject i don't see Konami ever making an exclusive game for the xbox nor a timed one... Better Yet i have yet to see a triple A title produced or developed by Konami for the xbox 360 or even the first xbox..

Blacktric3105d ago

@ aviator189
*cough rockstar *cough

Narutone663105d ago

be Metal Gear shooter. Only shooter sold well on the 360.

ironwolf7773104d ago

I would love a Metal Gear shooter. Kojima asthetic wrapped up in Call of Duty gameplay. Hell yes.

freeblue3105d ago

it's just a time exclusive. it's xbox 360 after all.

Cold 20003105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Haha I love E3 :D

DeadlyFire3105d ago

I say its likely to not be Metal Gear Solid related. MGS is in a solid place. haha.

Silient Hill 6? Set for PS3 and X360 though.
Zone of Enders 3? Probably set for PS3 and X360 if coming.
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. For PS3 and X360.
Rising is for PS3, X360 and PC.

Suikoden 6 maybe.
Adrenalin Misfits? Konami filed for trademark in April. Possible
Couple of other titles possible.

Might just be DLC crap for MGS Rising.

IdleLeeSiuLung3105d ago

"The news comes from the same person who tipped us off to Itagaki’s appearance at E3 back in March, which was just revealed officially a couple days ago."

It also backs up the claim (although not proving it) that MS was at Konami's offices.

TheXgamerLive3105d ago

With the addition of the additional storage space made usable by the USB flash Drive that will come with the game for arcade models, it will allow the game to utilize up to 24 gig's of space for game play, up to 16gig on the drive and about 8 gig's on the dvd or download it all onto the HD for the premium/elite models.

ha ha, i'm joking but still it's very possible. but, i think RISING will be a hell of a lot more fun and w/o 30 gigs of viewable movie instead of game play. imagine if you will......a metal gear game that you can actually play instead of watch..........think of it.

spektical3104d ago

i feel sorry for you, the games are high quality. and the videos are actually quite entertaining, as they reveal information and flow well with the story. This is why i dont think MGS:R will be timed exclusive for the 360, 360 fans have the attention span of a 5 year old.

Blacktric3104d ago

That "30 GIGS OF VIEWABLE MOVIES" were the thing that made MGS 4 the masterpiece we know today. Not every developer must told games' stories through live action in game sequences like the ones in Crysis, Far Cry 2, etc.

Consoldtobots3104d ago

typical MS/MS fanboy mentality.

MGS4 is the vision and game Kojima wanted to put out there. WHO ARE YOU to tell him his effort was wrong or bad because of your opinion on the length and breadth of his cutscenes? I guess MS would do to KOjima what they did to BUngie and force changes on his visions.

this is why MS is a joke and an insult to gaming.

Blacktric3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Metal Gear Solid: The Ballad Of Gay Raiden is coming exclusively for Xbox 360.

tinybigman3104d ago

besides why would Kojima anger his rabid MGS Sony fanbase?

vhero3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Konami are a huge company that do a massive range of games including... Casual games! They don't just do metal gear people. The fact NATAL is the huge announcement and Konami make some amazing casual games MS getting them to make an exclusive game for NATAL would be a really good bet here. No amount of money would sway Konami to switch to 360 yet until they seen Raiden sales as all MGS fans are already on PS3. If your a fan and don't own a PS3 then your not really a fan are you?? As you haven't got the latest game so you can't call yourself a fan.. also why I think Raiden will sell pretty bad on 360. But I am going off topic there.. I honestly think this will be a NATAL game. That's even if its true!

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GrieverSoul3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

In the past MS went to Sony´s exclusives to steal some thunder from its competition. So far it worked! People are more concerned about an exclusive loss than 2 exclusives gained.

I know It might be a little ridiculous but I think the ONLY HUGE THING that MS will present in this E3 will be Xbox Live price cut or completly free! I know, I know, trolls will eat me on this one but think about! Sony´s coming up with a payed PSN and MS suddenly drops LIVE price or reduces it by half!


aviator1893105d ago

I really hope that it's at least a major price cut for xbox live. $40 isn't that much, but it'd be nice to have some sort of discount. A little extra pocket change never hurt.

WildArmed3105d ago

'In the past MS went to Sony´s exclusives to steal some thunder from its competition. So far it worked! People are more concerned about an exclusive loss than 2 exclusives gained. '

Umm no.
Most 'people' don't care.
But the 1% of the people we meet on N4G, do care.. ALOT.
For me, E3's never been about the 'me too' syndrome.
It's been about great new games I can play additional to the ones i already planned on getting. (I own a ps3 n 360, so It doesn't matter to me whether it's only coming to 360 or ps3)

but having a price drop on Live would be effen AWESOME!
it'd be a slap on Patchers face who said Live is gonna be 100$ soon LOL

xxLuckyStrike3105d ago

who thinks microsoft will cut prices on live needs to have their head examined. All Microsoft does is think of other ways to charge MORE not LESS and let alone FREE...when was the last time MS gave somthing away free????

gamingisnotacrime3104d ago

MS can have a great show, and that is pausible but the sony booth will stand on its own no matter what is thrown at it. They just have to much content that losing exclusivity on some tiltes wont hinder their performance

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Hyrius3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Please ban GoFanboy.

Manhunt 3 for Move, Yu Suzuki Move game, Valkyrie Profile on 360, then on PS3 ... Always fake, they are just begging for hits.

GunShotEddy3105d ago

They did call the Itagaki thing, so I'm curious to see. I just wish the damnd e3 would get here already!

raztad3105d ago

Manhunt 3 for MOVE sounds totally awesome. OK, dont care if it's not for MOVe but just a multiplat game, manhut is the game I love from R*.

Al Bundy3105d ago

Timed exclusive deal for the new Castlevania.

charlescox43105d ago

I don't even get why these companies pay for times exclusives this far along in the system's life-cycle. It doesn't move many more consoles.

R2D23105d ago

That game sold a sh!t load on the box.

himdeel3105d ago

...for the system it releases on last.

SephireX3105d ago

Zone of the Enders:Natal j/k
Metal Gear Liquid?

Pennywise3105d ago

They said Konami not Kojima... I know they are the same, but if they meant Kojima they would of said Kojima.

Plus, this is all rumor and speculation AS USUAL.

Ult iMate3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Will Kojima ever agree to make something exclusive for X360?
I thought he's somehow pro-Sony or pro-japanese (if Boktai or Lunar Knights for Nintedo's consoles are to mension).
So I doubt about exclusive X360 games from Kojima Production (MGS or ZoE).

Kahvipannu3105d ago

Well, he is interested in Natal, but I still doubt it too.. But I would love to see ZOE on 360, exclusive or multiplat, I don't care. I bought the first one becouse of MGS2-demo, but I noticed the game was awesome, second one I never played tought..

All this is speculations, again, but new game from Konami wouldn't hurt..