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Survey: Gamers more aware of Move than Natal

According to a new survey, more gamers are aware of PlayStation Move than Project Natal. (Playstation Move, Project Natal, PS3, Xbox 360)

jonlynch  +   1911d ago
While I lean towards 360 (haven't bought a PS3 yet, but will) - it seems like Natal is well know to online gamers who frequent news sites, but not to the general populous.
Droid Smasha  +   1911d ago
Natal gets more coverage by the general media
only if you live in this n4g bubble do you think anybody cares what sony is doing with the Move
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Narutone66  +   1911d ago
Gamers or almost everybody
don't want to look like a retard when playing games.
gaffyh  +   1911d ago
Honestly I think Natal is more known to the public, considering it has been on Jimmy Fallon a while ago (although a lot of people probably forgot about it by now). But tbh gamers should know about both Natal and Move, and I'd guess most of them would lean towards Move because it is more "core" gamer-friendly at the moment. And by that I mean MS has shown nothing to interest core gamers so far.
Conloles  +   1911d ago
Yeah according to Ps3center, lol once MS start marketing this everyones gonna know what it is hell Natal isnt even its proper name yet so of course they wont.
gauntletpython  +   1911d ago
It's actually according to Nielsen, one of the largest research firms. PS3Center just reported on it.

Click the link next time!
GrieverSoul  +   1911d ago
Natal success will depend how well its advertised.

Im on the fence about Natal since the software it as shown hasnt capture me.
Move has is way cut off since people will see it as a WII look alike. Although it has aditional features.

My comment is based on the CASUAL audience opinions. Most of my friends know that theres a "wand" coming for PS3 but when I talk about Natal they say stuff like "Eyetoy does that" or "no controls is pointless". These are the doubts MS has to clarify to all of us. E3 will surely answer some of these questions.
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dangert12  +   1911d ago
yeah but gamers more aware of richochet then move LOL
i joke i joke
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niceguywii60  +   1911d ago
If this is true which I doubt it has more to do with Sony showing move in shops on PS3 kiosks months before E3 Who cares it won't matter in 3 days Move will be forgot about. Again this article is most likely rubbish. This is just a revenge article in response to the other article about Microsoft's E3 being more popular. Who in their right mind would think Move is more known than one of the most talked about devices in history?
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Redlogic  +   1911d ago
how old are you?
one of the most talked about devices in history?? hardly
Christopher  +   1911d ago
I guess if you're asking them what Natal is, then I can see it. But, more gamers are aware of Natal than Move in general. The question is just what Natal will do.
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RedSky  +   1911d ago
Does nobody actually read the article?

It's 23% for Move and 21% for Natal. With +/- error it's a dead heat.
KingME  +   1911d ago
I don't believe it
I think Natal is more known to the public. Expecially being that Natal has been seen on national TV. Besides surveys can be grossly affected by geographical location, which make think subject to inaccuracy.

Either way, it doesn't really matter, soon they'll both be familiar to the general public. As far as gamers go, what's a gamer the guy that play pacman with his girlfriend once a month or are they talking gamers like the ones the fancy this site, because if it's the ladder then, they are both equally known.
blumatt  +   1911d ago
Natal's success will depend on its price...
All I know is if Natal costs more than $100, it will not do that well. No matter how you look at it, the Move will look like the better buy if Natal is really $150 like some have suggested. Most people aren't going to care you only get one controller if that's the case; they'll buy the Move because of price. Plus, for people like me who already have the PS Eye, it will be aLOT cheaper to just buy a couple Move controllers.
EVILDEAD360  +   1911d ago
But more people have 'purchase interest' in NATAL
This isnt even close to a true representation of who knows what..

Anytime you see charts like these and they don't tell you how many people or where they did it then you know it's fishy.

They didn't even care who owned what system. But the funny part is even though more people are aware of Move..more people are interested in purchasing NATAL..which could have been the flame title had it not been a PS3 blog site.

EVERYONE will know about both after this E3 and the advertising that will follow..

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Anon1974  +   1911d ago
Wow. Way to stick your foot in your mouth.
First off, this was a Nielsen survey. You know Nielsen? One of the largest, global advertising research firms on the planet, operating in 100 different countries with 35000 employees? Ring any bells. You obviously didn't bother to read the article because if you think Nielsen's surveys are "fishy" you're simply ignorant.

Secondly, click the damn link, man! It says right on the survey how many gamers they surveyed, and historically Nielsen tends to focus on the North American markets when it comes to console information.

How many times are you going to badmouth articles without even doing the slightest bit of research? How man times has it been now when you've called my facts into question and then refuse to follow the links I provide the verify those facts?

You're just embarrassing yourself. Do some research, man!
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EVILDEAD360  +   1911d ago
Classic Fail...
'First off, this was a Nielsen survey. You know Nielsen? One of the largest, global advertising research firms on the planet, operating in 100 different countries with 35000 employees? Ring any bells'

So wait a minute..Darkride is so incredibly smart that he actually saw the name Neilsen and said 'hey that's that company that has 'operates in 100 different countries with 35000 employees' and you would be have to be 'ignorant' not to know that fact..

Nah..it Dark Ride..look at his history..

He went on the page

clicked on any link he could to find out about the company

like how about if we hit the careers link..since he's talking about jobs and see what it says..

'At Nielsen, we make it simple – we offer careers, not just jobs. With nearly 34,000 employees in 100+ countries around the world'


LMFAO..so then he adds it to his post to pretend he so incredibly knowledgable about the subject..CLASSIC FAIL..

On subject..

Once again..if you do a flame title by leeching off a survey and you don't tell how many people and where they were polled then you know it's fishy

So just like Dark Ride does to pretend things are soooo bad with the 360..the flame article would have looked silly if instead of percentages if the title would have said..

'48 more people are more aware of Move than Natal' taken from a survey done by a company operating in 100 different countries with 35000 employees.

But we all know the game...
badz149  +   1911d ago
their conference will be broadcasted LIVE at Times Square
THAT will surely increase awareness among the mass!
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jay2  +   1911d ago
Quite shocked with this news really.
JATOSIN  +   1911d ago
Its funny when price is brought into the argument, the $26 dollar minimum for the move gets you what? One controller, so if you want to play with friends and need to buy 2-4 controllers it will be higher than the Natal. The $26 dollar minimum mentioned is an extremely low estimate when a standard controller is $50. Natal will only need one peripheral for everyone to play you won't need to buy 4 natals for your friends to play. Even if Natal is a $100 in the long run it is a better buy.
tobebech  +   1911d ago
You talking as Natal and Move is similar, they are not. Just because Natal would be cheaper, it doesn't make it a better buy than move.
STONEY4  +   1911d ago
Because everyone in the world frequently plays with four players on one PS3 and never online, and every game supports splitscreen... /sarcasm
FragMnTagM  +   1911d ago
There are quite a few games on the 360 that have split screen. The PS3 has a ton of single player games and the multiplayer ones are mostly online.
falviousuk  +   1911d ago
you will also need the playstation eye camera as well as the controllers, plus there is also the secondary controller. No word on whether this is included with the Move controller or not.

Some people allready have the PS eye but some do not, so having to bundle the camera, a wand and then factor in the secondary controller as well should push the price up a bit.

Lets wait until E3 and see where everything lies. Then watch as the Fan(ny) boys start attacking each other, one camp more than the other, and you know who you are
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GrieverSoul  +   1911d ago
If you replace MOVE with X360 and Natal with PS3 you would be talking about an issue people have been discussing in this site for years.

X360 + LIVE + Wireless adapter + baterries = +/- 400€
PS3 with all that = 300€

Does did makes sense?! Sure its does! In terms of cost but not in value.
Value is something people will apply based on what they want to play.

Value =/= Cost
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1911d ago
Exactly! Value is for the most part entirely subjective.

An example is if you only needed to game occasionally to replace your PS2, then an Xbox 360 at less than $200 will fit your needs just fine. If you want wireless access, hard drive and online play, the PS3 is a better choice cost wise.

If you want to play certain exclusives then take your pick!
Ares84PS3  +   1911d ago
This is soooooo funy to me what you said JATOSIN
You see the reason why I'm laughing my @ss of is that Xbox live is $50 a year while PSN is free.

So going by your logic the PS3 was and still is a LOT cheaper than the 360. Because just an example: If you own buy a 360 for $199.99 and you own it for 4 years it will make it $400 with XboxLive. Than you buy a PS3 for $199.99 or even $299.99 and it's still cheaper.

The funny thing is that Xbox 360 owners main argument agains the PS3 was and still is the price of the system and how much cheaper the 360 is. When this was brough up than they said but you don't need live.....well crap...you don't need move either do you now? :D

I'm just lauging my @ss of really.
JATOSIN  +   1911d ago
I could careless about PS3 v. 360 I own both I am not some Fanboy who blindly defends a product. I will most likely buy move and Natal. I was just arguing the comment in the article about price being the reason Move is more excepted than Natal. No one really know yet what these peripherals will be like until we can get some true hands on time. I am also glad I pay $50 a year for live, and will pay for PSN+ when released, argue as much as you will but live has had a more superior online experience, I know because I play both.
trounbyfire  +   1911d ago
OMF fing god just stop
i just read the google says more people a looking up microsoft and then this crap. just stop please it so stupid
HarryM  +   1911d ago
patterson  +   1911d ago
Maybe people mistake NATAL footage for Eye toy footage from 2003 and just assume Move is a part of all this new tech.
The Meerkat  +   1911d ago
The only place I see Move news is on N4G.
ravinash  +   1911d ago
You do realise that all the news on N4G are from websites through out the internet???
Shadow017  +   1911d ago
Lol you owned The meerkat pretty hard there ravinash
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Pumbli  +   1911d ago
Sadly, he doesn't realize that. The fanboy inside of him blinds him from the truth.
Dlacy13g  +   1911d ago
You do realise that N4G is filled with Fanboys who post crap article after crap article from their fanboy sites to get hits.

Hardly any of the mainstream press sites have stories posted to here. Its typically Sony Defense Force BS, Nowgamer look at me site hit articles and the like.

Go to IGN, GAMESPOT, JOYSTIQ, 1UP and GamePro and I think you will notice much more attention has been given to Natal on those sites than Move.

Right or wrong...Natal has been on everyones mind for over a year.
52pickup  +   1911d ago
My local Gamestation has advertisements for MOVE,nothing for Natal yet though.
Nike  +   1911d ago
I'm more familiar with Avid Media Composer than Apple Final Cut Pro. Does that mean FCP is less popular or not as successful? No.

Nielsen really has nothing better to survey.
tablav  +   1911d ago
This article is just useless flamebait. Just wait until they come out before trying to say which is better...besides, they may both detect motion but other than that the devices are nothing like each other.


Liking the FCP Avid ref. But, once again, it's a case of different market. FCP is low cost and accessible and Avid is the unity workhorse that is used more for network television and features. Neither is better, but you'll always have people defending which one they use blindly.
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xxLuckyStrike  +   1911d ago
These sony Guys here at N4G
Live in a fantasy world as does the guy who posted this garbage...lol
Anon1974  +   1911d ago
"This garbage" being a survey released by Nielsen?
You know, Nielsen? The global leader in advertising research who operate in over 100 countries and employee 35000 people worldwide.

Writing off anything Nielsen says as "garbage" because you don't like what you're reading is extremely shortsighted.
DarkSpawnClone  +   1911d ago
uhh how about we wait until there released give them a year and come back and talk to me.natal might sell more but the Kevin Butler ads have been really successful idk its way too soon to say any thing.any thing at all.
OSU_Gamer  +   1911d ago
The title is a BS statement.

Without even talking about which one will be more successful, this title is ridiculous.
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jack_burt0n  +   1911d ago
Well isn't natal going to be known as Wave in 48hrs!? so its a bit pointless.
kewlkat007  +   1911d ago
ps3center.net +
What the.....Funny
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fullmetal297  +   1911d ago
"According to the survey, 23 percent of gamers are aware of the PlayStation Move, while only 21 percent know what Natal is." -Nielsen Company.

This article is exaggerating. There is only a 2 percent difference. Plus the link to actual survey says 35 percent of people who are aware will definitely purchase while 28 percent are willing to buy the move.

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DA_SHREDDER  +   1911d ago
Its just more practical. Besides it not having a right D-pad or a right analog stick, it almost as good as the Wiimote in design. Oh and if you call people out on N4G you should do it on an individual level. This website is a collaboration of everything, so what you say about n4g you bascially say about yourself. Irony runs rampant today.
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Dance  +   1911d ago
love the source
bjornbear  +   1911d ago
the survey?
yeah survey's are usually pretty accurate sources of data when done correctly.
rezzah  +   1911d ago
lol what do you expect? Hey guys you interested in waving your arms and getting balls to the face, or are you intereested with the mazing fle;xibility of the MOve controller. Plus the fact you can actually play hardcore games with it. Not only that you have an option to use it or the regular controller so your ass isnt stuck with one choice.

Hows that for awarness?
ChronoJoe  +   1911d ago
Well in England, the Move adverts are pretty much in every electronics retailer, none for natal though. If it's the same elsewhere, then I can see why this would be very much the case.

I never see any Natal adds.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1911d ago

Why would a GAMER want Natal? No hardcore game on the planet would work well with it. Natal ONLY caters to the casual or the person looking to play with friends, and even then you need to have a large enough room for it, and have enough energy to play it.

Move is just a beast. Move over!
xc7x  +   1911d ago
Move has been on a roll,now all that sparkly Natal stuff looking less divine. Natal needs to connect to the hardcore crowd or it's going to have a hard time in the gamer's eye.
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