Rock Band 3 Sports the Xbox 360's New 'Wave' Design

XboxEvolved: Like it, love it, hate it?
"Check out the official box art for RockBand 3"

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Anarki3105d ago

Fugly... nothing wrong with what they had.

Christopher3105d ago

I'm wondering if they're giving up on advertising LIVE on the covers now as well?

NateNater3105d ago

Box art looks terrible. RB1 & 2 had much better art IMO

DaBadGuy3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

The problem is this time they actually show the game characters. The first game's box art was silhouettes, the second was a bunch of real people. I do agree it's not very good.

Karum3105d ago

I've never much liked the packaging for 360 games tbh. I don't mean the box art, some of that is awesome I just mean the template the box art sits on top of along with that bright green box. I just think it's ugly.

Thankfully the box isn't the important part lol.

lpfisher3105d ago

I've always thought the 360's packaging was an eye sore. This new version is definitely not an improvement.

kjordanreyna3105d ago

Xbox logo sucks as usual.

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