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WildArmed3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

umm.. why? >.<
I rather have real voice actors.
So they don't all sound like they got their first gigs due to their connections/popularity over skill.

Idc either way, I'm in for Gears for the great gameplay, not for the voice acting.

Plus, it's all about Marcus and Dom! MWHAHAHAHAHA

Blitzed3108d ago

He has been a television actor for years (Degraasi the Next Generation) before persuing a career in music.

Focker4203108d ago


At first it was "Who?!" until you said Degrassi. Not very exciting, Ice-T would've been wayyyy better.

Sitdown3108d ago

Hahahaha...right now that is the best joke of the day.

Brewski0073108d ago

ANOTHER example of microsofts Star power flexing .... lol. Really who are these people!? First this jenny girl from another article and now this drake guy. . Huh?! First time i heard this guys name. If im meant to care it hasnt worked.

Kalowest3108d ago

Hes a Rapper becoming well-known in the US, Epic wants this dude to do the Voice over, not MS.

WildArmed3108d ago

It's ok if you don't know the person.
(quite frankly I don't know who he is either. And I'm in USA).

It's not like we know everybody.
Heck we spend most of our time reading game related news.
There's a reason why we lack info in other industries like the music one. xD

Still.. dunno how this will turn out.

Blitzed3108d ago

He is widely considered to be the next big thing in rap by some of the industrys heaviest hitters. He was discovered out if Toronto from Lil Wayne and is backed by JayZ. He was a television actor for years before persuing his music career. Being that it was on the show Degrassi the Next zgenerstion may not be the best acting pedigree at least it's experience.

CernaML3108d ago

I think this guy was in a Justin Bieber music video...

Sitdown3108d ago

has a Sprite commercial.

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Mo0eY3108d ago ShowReplies(4)
Double Toasted3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago ) this real? If it is, I ain't gonna hate.!
He looks like a retard in that pic though, lol.

Edit: Mooey, you won't find any guys that look like girls here so run along...

Blacktric3108d ago

Kanye West will also be in the game. He will jump out of emergence holes to trap Marcus and Delta Squad to bash them how he feels about Locusts' new weapons.

nickjkl3108d ago

hey marcus im happy for you and all and im gonna let you finish killing but the locusts have the best guns of all time

Blacktric3108d ago


Lmao exactly :D...

madkrazygames3108d ago

Why Drake? They couldn't find any real voice actors?

Krugsy3108d ago

Probably wont fit the character, but if they wanted a decent actor/rapper, there is always the great Mos Def.

NYPunk883108d ago

man I hate this droopy face moron.

NYPunk883108d ago

So apparently Drake is going to be doing more than just voice work they're actually going to stick that ugly face of his into the game. Here's a rendering of what his character is going to look like.

Mr.Mister3108d ago

man i dont want drake, i dont want to here his voice. i want a real voice actor hes gonna annoye me seriously ice-t would have been better

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Dragunov3108d ago

No surprise that xbox don't sell that much outside NA, who is that guy?

Bluemaster773108d ago

Have you been under a freaking rock or under sony's n#@s i suspect the latter

Grandmaster3108d ago

He could be from a different country where drake is not well known...
But anyways Drake?

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