E3 2010: Top-5 secrets of E3 (hopefully)

What could be the most anticipated secret of E3 2010. Videogameszone is hoping for Xbox 360 Slim and final release date for Gran Turismo 5.

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T9X692986d ago

Yet another, I guess you could say predictions for E3, without the hoping of a new Hitman game. It may not be "Top Secret" but come on damn it.

Thepro3182986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

no xbox slim that weak more then likely M$ will have Project Natalbut with dancing bears. The media be like oh can we see natal work. M$ will respond oh yea we got natal but dont u want see the dancing bears they amazing see how they dancing LOL

they want to disract people from natal

T9X692986d ago

That has to be the most poorly constructed attempt at a sentence I have ever seen in my life. lol

Squall50052986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Did you type this with your elbows?

I think this badly translated article made more sense than your post =P

tablav2986d ago a new Hitman game. It's been far too long since blood money.

Shenmue 3 would be nice too, but it'll never happen :(

NeoBasch2986d ago

Would be nice? I'd piss myself if Shenmue III were to ever be announced.

Acquiescence2986d ago

You know that bit in that film Scanners, where the guys head explodes? That's what would happen to me if Shenmue III was announced this year.

CDbiggen2986d ago

Every year I say to myself "Could this be it? Could this finally be the year that Shenmue 3 is announced?"...Crushing disappoint awaits on this game I fear.

deafwing2986d ago

it would be nice to play that one again.

CommonCent2986d ago

Please announce Twisted Metal PS3 so I can rid myself of these blueballs.