Gaikai targets full game service ‘by 2011’

Cloud gaming service Gaikai is heading to E3 one step closer to phase-one launch – but the company behind the revolutionary tech is aiming to expand the business fast.

In a new interview with Develop, Gaikai co-founder Andrew Gault expressed his optimism in focusing the business on rapidly-streamed in-browser game demos.

But when asked for a timeline of when the company will begin a full game streaming service similar to OnLive, he said: “We’d like to do it tomorrow but it’s all about picking you battles. I think we’d like to start it in a year or so, all the company’s founders would like to target that.”

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Dorfdad3107d ago

Listen I love this idea, but guess what Onlive has beat you to it.. I just got in the beta im a hardcore gamer have all consoles all handhelds, ipad's etc I was blown away by what I saw last night using Onlive..

It's not perfect and there is a slight blur to the games over a sharp rendered local game, but I played unreal tournament 10 players online with very little LAG using a 30 controller had zero problems locking on targets and playing.. Played for hours...

Im sold that OnLive can be the future if costs are right..