GamerZines: NHL 11 Interview

As NHL 11 introduces real-time physics into its core gameplay, GamerZines sit down with the game's Gameplay Producer to find out how much has changed in this year's game.

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Fred-G-Sanford2931d ago

If they want this game to be ultra realistic they should make sure that Sidney Crosby takes at least one dive per shift (while crying to the refs about the "missed call" on his way back to the bench).

Ausbo2927d ago

if they want to make nhl 11 really realistic, they will make sure ovechkin chokes every playoffs and not allow him to win the cup.

MrESteel2931d ago

Sanford your so lame. LOL

Fred-G-Sanford2931d ago

Let me guess, Crosby once made eye contact with you at a Penguins game and ever since that day you have dreamed of "handling his stick". lol