Real-time physics "the next big innovation in sports games" says EA Sports

NHL 11's gameplay producer Sean Ramjagsingh has told GamerZines that he believes implementing a real-time physics engine into sports titles "is going to be next big innovation in sports games" and "something we'll see all sports games go into eventually".

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chak_3107d ago

what about proper PC version first?

We still have the ps2 engine, you should be ashmed

Pennywise3107d ago

I gamed on the PC for many moons. But now-a-days, why would devs sink time and money into a platform that 75%+ of the users playing steal your money? I see where devs come from with lack of PC support. It really is a shame because PC version has potential to be the best version(graphically).

gtamike3107d ago

Real-time physics are already not used for this gen sport games?
Well that sucks not that I play them anyway :)

BattleAxe3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

The physics are fine in their sports games, what they need to do is update the graphics. With Tger Woods, we are getting the same game every year with the yearly tweaking of the putting, add a course here, add a golfer here........

iceman063107d ago

But not real time. Because all of their sports franchises are so old...if you have played them for over 5 years you see recycled, canned animations over and over. That being said, you are correct about the graphics. I think Madden still has graphics from 4 years ago. Tiger Woods did get some character graphics tweaks, but the courses still look pretty bland. FIFA and NHL seem to be their new darlings and they are really trying to take care of those.

gtamike3107d ago

sounds like mega milking

Conloles3107d ago

I agree Chak PC needs to come first.

lzim3107d ago

glad they figured that out finally. only had to be beat to the market by a pointless tech demo to get the point.

Crystallis3107d ago

"Real-time physics "the next big innovation in sports games" says EA Sports"

Well welcome to the party. EA is not late but other folks have started this before them. They are finally starting to get the picture. Now if they can implement these physics in their sports titles "CORRECTLY" then this will put them back on the map b/c Madden nfl is horrible.

ChronoJoe3107d ago

PC come first for a sports franchise? it's not even one of the genre that particularly benefits from graphical superiority or keyboard and mouse controls, so there's half the 'superior on PC' argument gone.

Not only that but 90% of the games base is on console, why? because and I don't quite like saying this but most of the kids playing the shovelware sports franchises are kids. 8-21 area. Not that others don't too, mind you, I'm just saying the stereotypical PC gamer isn't one that's even slightly interested in Fifa or Madden.

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The story is too old to be commented.