MediaKick E3 Predictions

We love speculation as much as the next person, as long as it has an element of truth behind it. So, the team at MediaKick Mansion have pulled together to provide our predictions for this years E3, basing them on all rumours we’ve heard around the grapevine, with a pinch of our own reasoning.

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Krugsy3108d ago

I'm kinda over all these E3 prediction articles honestly. Just bring on E3!! Im sure all three companies will be great.

crapgamer3107d ago

This article is just making the easy calls IMHO.
We know Microsoft is re-branding and Natal and a Slim 360 are on the way.
A XBox portable would have been a bolder prediction.
Also, the games listed were already pretty much announced.
I love how Microsoft is building the excitement to a fevered amount, it's almost like I'm a kid again waiting for Christmas.

Shadowolf3107d ago

MediaKick your E3 predictions sound very good. Of course there are always surprises and let downs of what we hoped would be announced, this years E3 should be memorable.