Aliens: Colonial Marines to be at E3

SEGAbits: " It’s just been confirmed by GameSpot’s E3 Showfloor map that the game, along with Valkyria Chronicles 2, will indeed be available at SEGA’s booth."

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Calm Down Sunshine3106d ago

Awesome, i'd forgotten about this. Briefly distracted by the last AVP game.


I just hope this is not another game made on Unreal3 engine.

belal3106d ago

finally we are getting a alien game that has potential not to suck!!!

k4rma3106d ago

It is using UE3 and the early screens from back in 2008 looked amazing. Cant wait to see what it looks like now. These are the guys that made Borderlands, and if that game is anything to go by, then this should be one of the best movie licensed shooters ever created IMO. Cant freakin wait!

You can find more screen shots and concept art here:

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The story is too old to be commented.