Help HVS improve Conduit 2 by pointing out glitches from Conduit 1

SEGAbits writes: "Given that the Wii can’t do patches, any glitches that come in a shipped game obviously won’t be fixed. As a result, HVS is pulling out all the stops to ensure Conduit 2 is as glitch free as possible."

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Quagmire3106d ago

Now if only Activision/Infinity Ward could follow suit...

Cueil3106d ago

the biggest glitch was that it was on the wrong system

turok3105d ago

Dude i dont know whether ye got a ps3 or 360 but there are fpses on those consoles that should be a good alternative till then:

LoaMcLoa3106d ago

I heard many complaining about a spawning-bug in the multiplayer-mode :O

sanman3106d ago

In the future, just do what the web browsers do, where it automatically sends a report to the company when the browser crashes. Build that functionality into the game.

turok3105d ago

1. Hackers: they were around every now and then. they only good if they on ur side and if not then prepare to lose. HARD. huge issue.

2. Spawning bug: takes 3-5 tries sometimes to just enter a game. wut basically happens is that u spwan but u cant move and the level looks broken and u lose all ur life and ur stuck until the game ends (i think not sure) or u turn the wii.

thats all the issues i can recall for now.

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