IncGamers: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Preview

IncGamers' Tim McDonald dons a Ghillie suit and becomes a deadly long range hitman in Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

From the preview: "If you want to avoid getting shot, clearing out an enemy camp involves picking out both the perfect target and the perfect timing. Take out someone who's having a conversation, or who's standing in the middle of a camp, and you'll quickly attract unwanted attention. Being careful is the order of the day, although your sniper rifle is combined with a variety of other tools including a silenced pistol and throwing knives."

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Djorgo3111d ago

The game for gankers everywhere :)

Maticus3111d ago

Snipers are always fun to play, must check this out!

Chazmers3111d ago

aye just hope they aren't just camping waiting for a shot

greengamer3111d ago

the sniping sounds good but not sold on the parts where you play as a squaddie, could be a game killer that bit

Chazmers3111d ago

very true then again would you really want a whole game playing as a sniper? It adds variation