Sony rules out PS3 price drop

The idea of announcing a PS3 drop at E3 has not even been discussed at Sony, SCE UK sales director Mark Howsen has told MCV.

Despite predictions earlier this year that E3 would bring with it price drops to potentially all three home consoles, as E3 has approached the chances of any price move announcements seems to have all but vanished… until now.

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yoshiro2989d ago

a price drop to 199 would kill anything!

N4GAddict2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Not likely to happen. Sony just started to profit off of the PS3 hardware.

Conloles2989d ago

Shame its not happening bud!

Hideo_Kojima2989d ago

I think its too soon for another price drop...
Most people that were waiting are now buying the PS3 as long as it sells well they shouldn't drop it. £250-$300 as more than worth what you get out of it.

I doubt the price will drop until late 2011 if not 2012.

When it drops to bellow $200 Sony will probably be about a year of releasing PS4.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2989d ago

and if it did happen they wouldnt announce it at E3. Sony already stated that E3 isnt a place to announce price drops.

yoshiro2989d ago

yea...i dont believe that sony will cut the price this soon, but, if they do that, ps3 will sit on the top of the tops again.
blu-ray, 3d, move, best games out there...
its a perfect machine!

well, this isnt about sales, its about quality. right mr. greenberg?

mikeslemonade2989d ago

At $299.99 the PS3 is competitively price. If it was any cheaper it would make it less sophisticated and seem more like a toy. As long as the PS3 continues to outsell the direct competition on a monthly basis they don't need to drop the price.

SaiyanFury2989d ago

Actually the PS3 is already at a competitive price point when compared to a comparibly equipped Xbox 360. PS3 is wireless out of the box, natively supports 1080p with it's HDMI 1.3a port and supports modern HD audio codecs like DTS-HD and Dolby-HD. Free PSN access (for the time being) is a bastion for gamers looking to save money. A comparably equipped 360 costs a few hundred dollars more, especially if you want to increase HDD capacity.

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gtamike2989d ago

If you can't get a $299.99 console, good luck in buying a good car

commodore642988d ago

@ yoshiro
"a price drop to 199 would kill anything!"

Yes, a 199 ps3 with 120 gb hdd, with controller, with bluray, with all the bells and whistles WOULD kill anything.

Unfortunately, that price would also kill any chance Sony has on recouping the $5 billion lost on the ps3 so far.

So, I guess, you are right...

jay22989d ago

Too many things say that Mark just might be lying with two more modles found on the same day as the 'mistaken' price drop URL.

LTC2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

M$ poor souls

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darkdoom30002989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

InB4 Keele's trolling

EDIT: YES! Beat him by 2 minutes!

darkdoom30002989d ago

Oh wow, I did! trophy for me!

Hideo_Kojima2989d ago

I never realized trolls were THIS predictable even though people said they are.

MajestieBeast2989d ago

Just bundle move with a ps3 for 299 and people would be happy enough.

vhero2989d ago

How about sell one for 199 and sell a hard drive separate people will pay for hard drive separate. Tech people will get unofficial HDD and not in the knows will buy official ones. Sony can do a Microsoft and charge a nice premium on the HDD to make a nice profit from this method.

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