Sony finally reverts PS3 price back to 'from $299.99'

Did someone feel the heat after leaking the potential new price point of the PS3? Or perhaps it really was just an error. Eitherway, the web-staff at SonyStyle have now reverted back to the current market-price of the PS3 and state from '$299.99' and not the '$199.99' that was showing a few days ago. We'll find out at E3 what the real deal is eitherway but we certainly never thought that'd leave this price showing especially if Sony hasn't announced a price cut officially.

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WildArmed3109d ago

Meh, never believed they'd drop the price at this point.

I went hunting for a ps3 two weeks ago for my friend.
We had to stop by 6 different stores to get one ps3.
I dont know why they'd want to drop the price if they are that much in demand.
It'd be a stupid move on sony's part.

But then again, I "ain't" no business man.

Conloles3108d ago ShowReplies(1)
divideby03108d ago

199... that was a pipe dream...

Focker4203108d ago

On Wednesday it'll be a dream come true. :)

Alcon Caper3108d ago

Haha, what was up with that? Like why did the web team decide to display that then change it...

It's so fishy that I'm leaning towards a massive price drop bundle w/ move.

If it's viral marketing, it's the most subtle I've ever seen...

silvacrest3108d ago

maybe someone new the buzz it would create and thought "why not"

aaronisbla3108d ago

i think even the most stout of 360 only fans might have gotten interested if that price turned out true

crapgamer3108d ago

I knew it was a mistake. Sony is the only company still losing money, how could they afford to take even more losses? Though I will say it's going to be hard for them to compete when the new Slim Xbox 360/Natal bundle hit's for $250.

silvacrest3108d ago

so you no for sure that MS isn't losing money

as cheap as the 360 is right now i doubt MS are making much money off them anyway

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The story is too old to be commented.