Rock Band 3 six string guitar unveiled

Screens of the new six string electric guitar, along with a weird looking MIDI version.

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DamonTheMoney3106d ago

wait for it...

wait for it...



Evoluti0n3106d ago

They've stepped it up a few notches i see.

theEXPATRIATED3106d ago

...why not take it to a whole nother level and play a real guitar? I mean, you'd totally have a feasible chance of impressing a girl.

UltimateSin3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

This is cheaper. Plus you're going to be able to learn 3 instruments for possibly $200, based on previous bundle prices.

Also, how will bass work? For those who play it.
Will they add a bass controller?

The_Zeitgeist3106d ago

You are not going to learn guitar from this. Thats what they want you to think. As someone who has played for 15 years I feel confident to say they will never emulate the way real strings feel and play. They can't match the resistance of a string to the fret board which can drastically alter the way notes or played. Hell I don't even understand how you could do a bendy with this. Just learn real guitar. Do you have any idea how accomplished you feel learning an instrument. The time put in is worth that feeling alone.

dktxx23106d ago

geist is right. this wont teach you anything. guitar is all about manipulating the strings.

UltimateSin3106d ago

I don't think it'll fully emulate a real guitar. It'll teach which frets to put your hand on and which string to pluck. I think that's as far as it'll go, just have to wait and see.

FragMnTagM3106d ago

You do realize that it is a real guitar right? You can plug it into an amp and play. It will at least get people into the right direction. I am sure that if they are going that far with it that you will be playing chords, strumming up and down and picking.

Will this make you a guitar master? Doubt it. But it could very well help get someone started in the right direction. I think we should wait till we learn more about it to write it off as a failure.

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duplissi3106d ago

somebody didnt read.......

the rock band 3 pro guitar doubles as a real guitar.

The_Zeitgeist3106d ago

It doesn't have strings and even if it did, this is not a new idea to learn. They have sold these for years. You just hook them up to a computer. Besides any of that, if the whole package is only two hundred dollars how good is that guitar? Not very good. I bought my last guitar. An Ibanez for 190 and downloaded Ableton live and Guitar rig 5 for free. Plus I have my M-Audio Oxygen Midi Keyboard and a Bass. I can create all my own music. Because I took the time to learn. Thats all it takes.

duplissi3106d ago

looks like it has strings to me... the bass doesnt on the other hand.
no i suppose its probably not very high quality though being so cheap.. probably compares to a first act.. *shudder* but hey maybe some people dont want to invest the same time and/or money into that kind of setup and maybe they just want to pick up an play you know? nothing wrong with that.

anywho im not arguing that actually learning isnt worth it, in fact i think everyone should give an instrument a try. i play albeit not very good, but i still like to throw down on rock band every now and then... and besides its not like its meant to replace real instruments- harmonix said themselves in an interview(think its an unlockable vid in rock band 1)their ultimate goal is to make people want to learn and try the real thing anyway.


metalhead3106d ago

The special edition of the pro controllor is an authentic squire strat with real strings, buuuut I will agree with you full heartedly about this not teaching you how to play a guitar. Of course doing this and mastering it, you'll be able to know what strings to hit to play the right guitar riffs, but without the theory that you have to put in to learn how and why the notes make the sounds they do, you are going to be lost. As a person who has been playing guitar for 10 years I can tell you that anyone can shred, but it takes true talent to make it sound good.


You guys nailed it. This is a step in the right direction for teaching guitar in a game but it won't work. Anyone can learn how to follow a tablature or even a partiture, but if you don't do your lessons first 'till you start to get how to sound like playing something, not just hitting strings, people will not sound good ever...

Being able to hit the right notes means nothing if you don't know how you sound. You can't rely on a computer to tell you if you are doing it right, your ears must be as trained as your finger, if not more.

And I'm not that confident in the price excuse too. Ibanez have some starter pack bundles pretty good and cheapy... You get a guitar, amp, cable and pick. With Rock Band you'll get a squier guitar - meybe even worse, since it must be cheap - and the game. You won't be rocking with this... I believe Fender, Gibson and many other guitar brands have this kind of bundle too. Yes they don't include a teacher, but I believe the game isn't a good one too, you could probably learn more by yourself.

Maybe it can work for keytar but RB don't even work for learning drums... You learn some timing, but don't learn to hit in the right spot, with the right strengh, in the right angle so to sound right and be able to make the next hit.

PS: Sorry for the bad english, no time to check now.

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White-Sharingan3106d ago

Maybe because its a game, and its fun? why don't you go drag racing, rally racing instead of playing a video game of it? why not just ride a plane rather than playing a game like Ace Combat, Flight Simulator? why play tennis, basketball, hockey, football in a video game when you can do it IRL?

White-Sharingan3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I bet it is...some musicians think they are so badass.

Halochampian3106d ago

I completely agree. I play the guitar some myself. But i love playing me some rockband.

It's about having fun without having to go out and do the real thing. And it's no different Zeitgeist.

Train all life to be good at football and go into the NFL.. or plop in some Madden and play for the fun of it..

Same goes for Rock Band.


I have nothing against having some fun with the game. I myself don't like it, but many of my friends love rocking out with plastic mini guitars... What can I tell... Have fun with it, I know I will watching you LMFAO!

The point of criticism here is: does RB or any game teach you to play guitar? IMHO no.

Also, I don't believe pro mode will give you anymore fun than any mode... I can be wrong through as many people would like the challenge...

Baka-akaB3106d ago

again some of you guys are full of crap ... for years you've been complaining that it doesnt teach you music , wich we've known all along , and replied to you that it's just a rythm and buttons pushing game .

And unsurprisingly , it's still a game , only with that little extra mode for those who wanna go a bit beyond . That's all .

And where does that snobbish assumption that instrument players dont enjoy rock band/gh games comes from ?
Plenty of us do and know the difference between gaming and playing real music .

Stop telling others to pick an instrument , when it's mostly unrelated to the act of playing a frickin' game

metalhead3106d ago


Yes some musicians are arrogant a-holes, but others are just trying to share their knowledge that they spent the better part of their lives learning so as not to get people to get the wrong idea of something. Music takes years of theory to properly learn how to play. I know stuff played on the radio is undoubtly simple, but there are a massive amount of bands that use a lot more complex theory to create music that is completely different from everything else like Rush or Dream Theater or even more recently Coheed and Cambria

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wwm0nkey3106d ago

Umm yeah did you not see? It is a real guitar! there are 2 different pro version, one with buttons and one thats a real guitar lol

psman0123106d ago

I have played real guitar for 3 years now. I can say that Rock Band is nothing like it. But, they are both extremely enjoyable, as I am a fan of both.

Play drums on Rock Band, as that is much more "accurate" to the real instrument.

metalhead3105d ago

Ya I'm a 10 yr guitarist and I have to say the drums taught me how to play a drum set and I now drum for a classic rock cover band along with my guitar work in a prog metal band lol.

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fatstarr3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

well at least they added the keyboard looks like some new gameplay. this looks interesting...

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