New Motorstorm Apocaclypse images are chaotic

Gamersmint : After an official announcement yesterday, Motorstorm: Apocalypse returns with a ton of new images showcasing why driving in an apocalyptic world can be dangerous! There is absolute chaos everywhere and we would def like to drive in such a scenario.

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Yardie3026d ago

Damn right it looks epic.

I have been looking for a jaw dropping, epic, racing game ever since Downhill domination on the ps2.
According to the screenshots, i have found it.

HopSkotch3026d ago

Dude DOWNHILL Domination was prolly the funnest racing game on the needs a sequel

Cyrax_873026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

it was a beautiful game, and this one seems to be taking leaps and bounds over its predeccesor already. I hope it comes out this year.

*crosses fingers*

wages of sin3026d ago ShowReplies(5)
jack_burt0n3026d ago

Imo i wish they would cut 4 player local just to bump up the engine the first game is def the best looking. The second had some stunning fx but some of the textures were disappointing.

And why mix art with screengrabs..

Still the best off road racing series there is.

klado3026d ago

I keep saying it...this game was never about the graphics..if not the fun you could have with it, so don't know what else could be tell for clear it out, don't expect something like GT graphics on games like these, ex = Md racers.

Scott6673026d ago

I actually like local multiplayer. I often have a bunch of friends come over for 'game nights' so we can all just game together. We've actually started to grow quite annoyed by the fact that so many companies are dropping local support in favour of online.

Still though, it looks like it will be really awesome. I can't wait.

Arnon3026d ago

I never really noticed it, but you're right. The first one does look the best. This looks interesting, though.

cond3m3r3026d ago

wonder if they have like terrain changes like split second...that one picture looks like it...looks fun

Sarcasm3026d ago

lovin' the new environment!

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The story is too old to be commented.