CliffyB and Aaron Greenberg Are Marketing Gurus

With just days away from E3, CliffyB and Aaron Greenberg have been making head line gaming news relating to what some may call ‘negative’ comments on the competition or fake shots at video game developers and journalism. What many people may be forgetting, is that these gentleman get paid to be on the spotlight, they get paid to be cocky and controversial. CliffyB and Arron Greenberg know how to play the game.

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qface643107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

cliffy greenburg DUN DUN DUN

id choose cliffy over greenberg ANY DAY at least cliffy b actually does something relevant AKA gears of war

Conloles3107d ago

Lol everyone bashes them yet they probably make more in a year than you will in a lifetime.

cyborg69713107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Even if that they made x amount of money, that doesn't mean they still can't be douches. I mean look at Rupert Murdoch.

I don't think cliff is, Hell I'd probably wear tight t-shirts and be tweeting crap all day too if I had his job.

Greenburg on the other hand is a different story.

Blaze9293107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I wouldn't call them trolls - they are just real people who love their company and product and are hella avid about it. That's why I like Greenberg so much - he acts like his normal self 24/7. Sure it's nice to see come class every now and then like maybe Tretton but that's boring and such an act. Everyone in this industry are competitors. What's competition without some smack talk? Like watching sports where every team, team coach/captain is polite. Yeah, wouldnt be much interesting huh?

That's just me though and I personally don't see why people get so upset when either of these people open their mouths. Who cares what they say - it's funny and entertaining. Not like they are directly talking to ANY ONE OF US. I enjoy it - it's funny. Like Apple vs Microsoft/Jobs vs Gates. Nintendo seems to be slowly getting into the smack talk with first Watta attacking Apple and now Reggie calling MOVE "wii-too". Even kevin butler's future ad where they dissed Natal and Wii was hilarious. Basically, it's all funny.

Sentence nails it: CliffyB and Arron Greenberg know how to play the game. Hate them all you want to but in the end, hear their names and you still know exactly who they are and what company they back.


See that's the thing I never get - why exactly do you (and others) see them as douches? Because they talk smack about the competition in a competition like competitors are supposed to do but never really talking to/about it's consumers/fans? Yeah, mind boggling.

I see if it was Valve and how Gabe talks smack directly about the PS3's community but it isn't that scenario with these two guys.

blizzard_cool3107d ago

Well I prefer normal people over douches (even thou I really think that Cliffy B isn't a douche), but I guess that's just me :/

Christopher3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

***Because they talk smack about the competition in a competition like competitors are supposed to do but never really talking to/about it's consumers/fans?***

That's where you and I disagree 100%.

I was involved in a lot of competitive events in High School (track, soccer, basketball, debate to be specific). I was competitive in these events, but I wasn't rude towards my fellow athletes. I didn't trash talk them or belittle them just to get them angry, that's not what competition is about. Competition is about the better man winning, not the man with the biggest mouth getting the most attention. If you can't respect your opponents, IMHO, you really aren't in it for the right reasons.

At least that's my point of view. It obviously differs from yours.

Edit: As a side note - from a consumer perspective, I follow more on what is delivered on rather than what some PR guy spouts on a daily basis. This goes for both sides of the table.

Parapraxis3107d ago

Yeah blizzard_cool, Bleszinski seems to be a pretty decent guy.
Greenberg on the other hand is a complete tool.

D4RkNIKON3107d ago

Yeah ripping on the competition every chance they get sounds like a great strategy.

D4RkNIKON3107d ago

I like Jack Tretton's strategy.. Believe in your product and let the quality do the talking. Ripping on the competition seems childish. What is this 4th Grade? Pew Pew Pew

deadreckoning6663107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Given the 360s success in the BIGGEST gaming market in the seems like Greenburg's strategy is working. As I said before, if one sentence from Greenburg causes PS3 fans to go into an know hes doin something right.

I like CliffyB btw. He's not a douche at all IMO. Just a cool guy who doesn't adhere to the stereotype that all gamers are complete nerds.

@D4RkNIKON- It's called trash-talking the competition. Its a strategy widely used by many political figures/business figures today. If I recall, Ken Kutaragi called the 360 an "Xbox 1.5"

Theres nothing childish about it. Its done because it works. If your interested, I suggest taking a marketing course.

@Milo Garret- Bubbles dude. There are trash talkers on both sides. IMO, Ken Kutaragi's old quotes were the worse. How do u tell people that they should want to work more hours to buy a gaming console??

@CimmerianDrake- North America isn't the biggest gaming market? Thats news to me. Thanks for informing me. And as far as Greenburg, so what if he just spouts M$ propaganda, its his job. Let him do what he pleases..and if it bothers you THAT much...stop clicking on articles that have "Aaron Greenburg" in the title. Personally, I find Greenburg to be VERY entertaining. Try not to take him too seriously.

CimmerianDrake3107d ago

Dead, North America isn't the biggest market, Europe is. Greater total landmass and larger population means a bigger potential market. Also, Greenburg doesn't have a strategy, he just spouts MS propaganda (a lot of which end up being false claims "FFXIII will sell better on the 360"). That's not a strategy, that's a blowhard.

MiloGarret3107d ago

lol you must be one of the saddest fanboys of this site, or a professional troll...

who said this?:

"I think the PS3 is the Surf 'n Turf. You want the lobster and steak and you're going to give yourself the treat of getting the best thing on the menu. The PS2 is your favorite burger restaurant -- you go there for comfort food and it's just always good and is a good value."

"[As for the other two consoles], one [Wii] is a lollipop, and I'm too old for lollipops. The other one [Xbox 360] I get sick from once in a while because the cook isn't always reliable."

If you think it rhymes with Pack Jetton you're on the right track. I'm sure there are better examples, this is just the first thing that popped up when i googled Jack Tretton and trash talk.

Montrealien3107d ago

The fact of the matter is, they all do this once in a while, don't pretend Sony's shit don't stink.

CimmerianDrake3107d ago

Greenburg can say anything he wants, I don't really care because he's paid to talk up the 360. I'm simply pointing out that you're wrong. And yes, the U.S. isn't the biggest gaming market. Again, more people in Europe.

DelbertGrady3107d ago

"If you can find a PS3 anywhere in North America that's been on shelves for more than five minutes, I'll give you 1200 bucks for it."

Jack Tretton? Arrogant douche? No way!

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niceguywii603107d ago

And you're a poor troll lol.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33107d ago

Opposite of a poor, sad and lonely trolls? I think I would prefer the kind coolcut135 described.

Eddie201013107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Cliffy B is a bit of a attention whore but still somewhat likable, and Greenburg is a marketing douche bag and one of the biggest trolls on the internet.

Montrealien3107d ago

now if only people could stop letting themselves from getting trolled, he would troll less. hehe

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Tony-A3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I like Cliff, although he does come off a bit harsh in his interviews.

Greenberg is the Joe Biden of the gaming industry, only without the power.

Oh, and Cliff doesn't like to be called CliffyB anymore.

dizzleK3107d ago Show
AK463107d ago

Greenburg, is that the guy who hosted MS E3 press conference last year? If so he doesn't need Natal too look stupid, cause he does a good job of it alone.

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