New PS3 Model to Be Announced at E3?

Engadget has found something very intriguing. It appears that new Sony PS3 models have just come out of FCC labs. They go on to say that that there are also debug units present as well, which is only required when there’s been a change in the chips on the motherboard.

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Timberland2K93105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

It's the PS3 anorexic lol, nice find

Maybe the return of a backwards compatible PS3?

tavo11173105d ago

lol, even slimer, cheaper i hope

-Alpha3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I don't care about it being slimmer, I care about it being even cheaper. It'd be really smart of Sony to offer a cheaper model for $199 with a smaller harddrive (what's the standard, 250? 120? An 80 G Model for $199 would be great).

Perhaps it's a Move bundle package.

The PS3's wideness is fine. It'd look weird IMO if it was less wide and long. I want Sony to release face plates, it'd be cool to deck out the PS3 with different face-plates.

Keele3105d ago

Did you not get the memo? Sony is in it for teh monies.

KingKiff3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I agree my mates has some very cool custom made face plates for his 360 and I for one would buy alternative covers for my PS3.

Especially if they made so cool limited ed game cases.

UltraNova3105d ago

Faceplates are nice and all but you can forget about them. Sony gets the goosebumps just with the idea of you tinkering with there mashcine in any way or form!

gaffyh3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Actually, the PS3 "Slim" is not officially called the PS3 Slim. It is just referred to as PS3 now, Sony has yet to officially announce a PS3 Slim, and I don't think it'll be this year.

But if it isn't this year, it will definitely be next year. Also they will remove the PSU most likely in that version.

zootang3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

@ UltraNova

How's that work? Sony want you to change the hard drive, that's why it is in the manual (a how to)

P.s Mine has a 500gb hard drive, wish it was an SSD but those cost bombs

Conloles3105d ago

Lol I wonder if they can make a profit on this one.

silvacrest3105d ago

didn't you get the memo? sony are making a profit off the PS3 now

but im wondering two things,

1. will we see a 199 PS3? i hope so, i certainly want one at that price

2. will the 360 become even cheaper?

ShinMaster3105d ago

My guess is that the 120Gig will be $199 though.

PCnPS3Gamer3104d ago

i really would like wireless N instead of g cant be that pricey. that basically all they should change...besides bigger hdd's but thats not really a big could also be a custom limited edition ps3.

guys seriously give the bc thing a fucking rest. your never getting it back. ur just gunna have to get used ps2 or make a time machine go back to nov 2006 and not be a cheap bastard and buy the true ps3 guys wanted price drops...i still have my 60gb launch ps3 and i havent played 1 god damn ps2 rather playt red dead redemption or uncharted 2.....fuckin bc upgrading to a slim when move comes out. maybe a socom 4 move bundle that'd be sick!!!

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qface643105d ago

probably just a new bundle

vhero3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Yep the new $199 PS3 is coming.. lol I dunno if it is but I noticed pre E3 the Wii in UK has dropped by £50 its now £139.99 over here for a wii and the old model without motion plus/resort is now £119.99. So seems there is a wii price drop imminent!

iamtehpwn3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

This is why it's been hard to find 120gb for months, Production on them has slowed down to prep for the new SKU's.
Historically, this trend has happened before.

Mo0eY3105d ago

PS3 Slim with Move combo $250 (possibly $200 to compete with the Wii and Xbox 360). You heard it here first.

DaTruth3104d ago

This is the best theory yet!

travelguy2k3104d ago

to see a $199 bundle with a smaller HDD and a DS3 controller with no wifi. And a new bundle including a Move controller priced at $299.

AuToFiRE3105d ago

Personally Id rather media card support and wireless N, there are too many good games out now to need to go back to the ps2 games

roguewarrior3104d ago

i have the 60GB(now 500GB) and i use the media card reader all the time. Ive only used BC maybe 4 times over 3 1/2 years, nice feature to have though.

DaTruth3104d ago

I miss my memory card readers! Other than quietness and theorized reliability, my Slim pales in comparison to my YLOD'd 60gig.

Got to get around to sending it for repair, but I'm holding out for a repair that can preserve my data. If anyone knows of anything in the Toronto, Canada area, PM me!

patterson3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I have the original fat and rarely use the memory card reader because I own several USB thumb drives.

You can buy an 8GB one for like $14 they're so cheap. They're easier to go back and forth from PC/Mac to PS3.

Now as for the wireless N yeah that I would totally agree with that.

sikbeta3105d ago

The PS3 will have more Models than The PS2 last Gen, remember:

I'll love to Have a PS3 as Slimmer as the SCPH-75001 Model...

CryWolf3104d ago

Maybe Sony's going bring back PS2 backwards compatibility and configure the Cell Processors to be a faster Emotion Engine Chip.

HumanStark3104d ago

God, I hope so. That'll be great.

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LordMarius3105d ago

Price cut? A PS3 "Arcade"

Timberland2K93105d ago

Excellent theory, maybe a stripped down PS3 to compensate for a cheap move bundle?

silvacrest3105d ago

i dont have a PS3 at the moment so i was looking for a cheap second hand one online but a cheap arcade version would just be so much better

RockmanII73104d ago

Being able to buy a used PS3 for $150 would be crazy. It would be the first time I ever owned all 3 consoles in a gen(PS2/NGC - PS1/N64 - Genesis)

rob60213105d ago

It says "CECH-2501B is similar to the tested model CECH-2501A except for HDD type"

Does Hard drive 'type' mean different size or could it mean something like a flash based solution? That's what I'm wondering.

cond3m3r3105d ago

simply put it as 120gb slim and the 250gb slim..both carry different it makes the model different from one another. i wonder if they'll put in a 7200rpm hdd into the new models

vhero3105d ago

PS3 cannot sell without Hard Drive unlike 360 as games demand a hard drive. They cut put a warning with it saying you would need to get a hard drive separate however not everybody would understand how to do this. Sony could then in theory start selling A PS3 without a hard drive and start selling official hard drives separate for those people who aren't clued up what type of hard drive the PS3 uses etc.. e.g. mums and average joes who know nothing about computing.

siyrobbo3105d ago

that will never happen, it would be like selling the console without a controller or power cable

Kleptic3105d ago

yeah it would turn into a nightmare...multiple games require HDD installs...and nearly every first party title uses the HDD for background caching...

so basically...a large number of titles would not work on a PS3 that didn't have an HDD, not to mention the OS and everything else...its not 'built' to run off a memory card like the 360...

FragMnTagM3105d ago

They have been selling from launch without HD cables, a tiny charging cable, and no headset so I wouldn't entirely put it past them. Do I think it will happen though? HELL NO. There are way too many games that require the hard disk drive.

silvacrest3105d ago

a better option would be to just add a 20GB or even a very cheap 10GB hard drive

do you remember a article on N4G where geek squard had a service to setup your 360/PS3?

if there are people that stupid where a service like that is warranted, do you really think asking a consumer to install their own hard drive is asking a bit much?

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gamerzBEreal173105d ago

lmao but unlike the xbox360 arcade the ps3 arcade will still be a great deal xD a blu-ray player 10 years of free online?......well thats worth $299 right there so i dont have to go on and on lol

bjornbear3105d ago

since even the most stripped down PS3 would have wi-fi and free online play =3

good theory nonetheless, maybe a PS3 Slim with less disk space, USB entries and just a PSEye and a Move controler + game o.O

candystop3105d ago

An Arcade PS3 would definitely change the landscape of this generation. With all the huge PS3 games just recently announced I'm sure everybody would start jumping on.

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jack_burt0n3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )


Kain813105d ago

PS3 Super Slim in the making?

T9X693105d ago

I could care less at this point, I just bought a 250GB Slim a few months ago. I'm in no hurry to get a even slimmer PS3.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Actually there is no PS3 Slim.

Sony didn't announce the PS3 Slim yet. The PS3 of 120 250Gb is the ''Redesigned'' PS3.

Sony could release an official PS3 Slim. Sony said they can made a PS3 even more smaller.

Gitaroo3105d ago

probably bundle with move + camera

CrippleH3105d ago

That seems like the most logical guess.

rob60213105d ago

The article mentioned there's a debug version of it too, which should only be required if the chips on the motherboard were different, bundling move + camera shouldn't have any effect on the console design itself.

R6ex3104d ago

Its looking like a more powerful model altogether. I'm getting the new one this year!

crazydrummerlad13105d ago

for 199z??!!?! thats crack prices!!! i hope its a new model instead!!!

Kleptic3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

@ Rob...unless a new PS3 comes out with a built in PS Eye...just a guess...

FragMnTagM3105d ago

I am not sure if it would be like a cell phone camera built into the front, or like a flip up on the front so that it can be tilted and swiveled. The latter sounds kind of tacky looking, but it would be a better solution for all the different kinds of locations a game console finds itself in.

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