Lost Planet 2 – Crush! Frag! Review!

CFD!'s Rob Rich fights for dominion over EDN III against hordes of pirates and mountain-sized bugs.

"T-ENG. EDN III. Akrid. CAT-G. Vital Suits. NEVEC.

"Get used to this kind of nonsensical jargon because it’ll be force-fed to you for the duration of Lost Planet 2’s “single player” campaign. From unneeded abbreviations to garish body armor (seriously, what’s up with those outfits??), from groan-inducing dialogue to flippant victory poses during cutscenes, there’s very little to take seriously. It’s un-apologetically designed in a very specific fashion, which will lead to a lot of head scratching and possible controller hurling from many players."

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dizzleK3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

finally, a review from somebody who gets it. this is a freaking great game.

"While I’m sure this will make me sound either elitist or defensive (possibly a combination of the two), it has to be said: The reason I believe so many people take issue with Lost Planet 2is because, like every other cult classic Capcom has released, they just don’t bother to understand it. It happened in Pokke Village, it happened Raccoon City and it continues on EDN III. This is not to say that these complaints are invalid (although I do disagree with them), but just as I can’t discount the boos people should also stop discounting the cheers. If so many people love these games, Capcom must be doing something right."

i couldn't agree more. i think there are honestly people who don't "get" things and can't see what the creator was going for, therefore they consider the game bad.people simply don't understand capcoms design philosophy: they're old school games with a modern look. capcom hasn't changed, gamers have. they just don't "get it" anymore.

RobsteinOne3113d ago

I'm glad you agree. I went into the game with a cautiously optimistic outlook but was still expecting to be a little let down. As it turns out, I completely love the game. I can see why some people wouldn't like it, but I just don't get the reviews that are more-or-less calling it garbage...

Anyway, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Myst3113d ago

Well I think you did a very nice review and like Monster Hunter it definitely is not for everyone. Though if it is for that person it is a very hard game to put down.

andron3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Some of the reviews have been horrendous and it nearly put me off buying the game. But luckily there are some reviewers that have a different opinion and isn't afraid to say so.

I'm also enjoying this game, it's better than the first and lots of fun.

And about the armour suits, they are cool, nice to have something different than the usual western space marine armour.

Most reviews have been complaining about the difficulty too, not many hardcore gamers among them I guess. You have to level up your character and actually be good to make it trough this game. I think many reviewers just want to cruise trough the game and be done with it, and that's no way to enjoy Lost Planet 2...

raztad3113d ago

LP2 is getting a patch to address some of the complains made by reviews. I liked the coop demo. I'll get this game later when I have enough downtime.