Stockholm Syndrome: Valve, Why Do We Still Love You?

Valve recently announced that Portal 2 was going to be delayed. However, instead of the mass anger and shock, or at least annoyance that would accompany a similar announcement from pretty much any other publisher (because, despite their humble origins as the developers of Half-Life and their continued first party releases, Valve is really more of a publisher than a developer now), people almost felt a feeling of appreciation, of companionship with them. This is by no means a rational reaction, but regardless of this, it is espoused by pretty much all of the gaming industry.

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Pandamobile3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The only game I think they've ever (seriously, ever) shipped without a single delay was Left 4 Dead 2.

You just have to sort of accept that Valve are perfectionists in every sense of the word. They will not rush things to meet deadlines. They will not half-ass a game to meet a deadline.

TF2 was in intermittent development cycles for over 9 years before it eventually came out. The Orange Box was supposed to launch in Q4 2006 if I recall correctly, and it ended up getting delayed til October of 2007, etc.

Delays are always forgiven if the game delivers, and boy do Valve's games ever deliver.

dizzleK3108d ago

just more of the absolute free pass the media hands valve for whatever reason. god knows why their dated-ass games take so long.

Pandamobile3108d ago

Quality games take time, no matter the engine.

itisa3108d ago

The same exact thing is what people are supposed to say for Gran Turismo 5.

But the media did the exact opposite thing.That's not counting 'gamers' reaction.

Letros3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Independent developers have the liberty to ship when they feel it's ready, there's a reason why Valve has only hits in its catalog.

Darkstorn3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

It's popular to hate on Valve, but having just completed the entirety of the Orange Box (the PS3 version, btw), I have the utmost respect for them. Valve set the stage for the modern shooter, and should be treated as visionaries, not fanboys.

Dramscus3108d ago

maybe they just all have sub 20 wpm typing speeds?