Gamers not getting trophies for beating LP2?

It seems many players are not getting their well deserved trophies after completing LP2. More after the jump.

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neoryu3109d ago

You have to play trough the secret passage in at the start of the chapter 1-2

Scottyabanks3109d ago

have you ever thought that perhaps you and I weren't the only people who knew that?

Myst3108d ago

Yep as the poster above stated Hidden passage in 1-2 like right at the beginning and is on the right hand side. As soon as you step out you pretty much should start wall hugging.

By the time I found that out I was seriously confused why this was included and having to do it for all difficulties...Eh at least I know now.

andron3108d ago

I completed LP2 on Normal yesterday, and was curious why the trophy didn't pop. I already found out at why, but it's a strange "bug"...

Sitris3108d ago

Not saying the games bad, it's just Meh.

voice_of_ reason3108d ago

Who cares? You beat the game, that should be reward enough. Trophies and achievements are pointless for the most part. Beating a game isn't an achievement... it's what you're supposed to do. I hate this generation where every time I complete a level I unlock a trophy. It's stupid. There are some trophies/achievements that are actually kind of cool and difficult to get... but, I just am not a fan of the entire trophy/achievement concept.

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The story is too old to be commented.