Crackdown 2: Why's It Got to Be Like That?

Bitmob: "Why this? Why that? After playing Crackdown 2 for about an hour, I walked away with all these questions about some of the design decisions that went into this July Xbox 360 release. Why did the developers do this? Why didn't they do that?

Good thing Ruffian Games Creative Director Billy Thomson was on hand to address my queries. I might not necessarily agree with everything he said (I still would've preferred a different setting altogether for this sequel vs. a 10-years-later, run-down version of Pacific City from the first Crackdown). But you can't deny that they've put a lot thought -- as well as some actual research -- into everything they're doing for Crackdown 2, including a pretty smart way of handling collectibles..."

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Tony-A3108d ago

Most under-appreciated title on the 360.

This is a game that Microsoft should advertise, but of course they won't because it won't make them above 5,000,000 in less than a month.

Either way, I think it'll do well. All they need to do is add more things to do after you beat the game. It was a tad boring afterwards

TheLancer3108d ago

I am a little worried after reading the interview, but I still hope this game will be amazing. If the developers are so dedicated as to do research when making the game, hopefully it will be better than the original.

rod_furlong3108d ago

Why can't you play a chick in the game? They can't jump?