Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project XBLA Announced (With trailer)

3D Realms: "Coming on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 to Xbox LIVE Arcade is the 3D Realms classic, "Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project"."

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Cajun Chicken3105d ago

Don't ignore this one. It was a great game on PC and is suitably placed on XBLA to go with Duke 3D.

Elven63105d ago

Agreed, I bought MP on Good Old Games and loved it! Will be buying it again on XBLA, Duke 3D on XBLA was great too so I'm sure MP would be no different.

2010 has been a great year for XBLA, it's great to see 3D Realms has some life in them as well, hopefully this does well enough to help them further.

Cajun Chicken3105d ago

I'd be tempted to get it again actually. It'll fit in with recent games like Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Shadow Complex on anyone's XBLA list.

Alcon Caper3104d ago

haha, this game is awesome. i almost found all the nukes so i could get the big gun...but i could never find those last 2... oh well.

mcslick1013104d ago

"Sorry this game has been canceled. Reason: 3D realms can't keep up with XBL updates" Oh no, not again, It's only a port FFS!

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jaredhart3105d ago

but I enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D. I might have to give this a try.

King Hippo3105d ago

Duke Nukem is no longer relevant. You can stop trying to milk old games now.

Elven63105d ago

Duke is still relevant to millions of people, Manhattan Project has only been released once, this is the first time the game is seeing a release on another platform.

absolutecarnage3104d ago

Blow it out your ass, And I had to use this gem "I have Balls of Steel"

Mista T3104d ago

my god, do you like any games not associated with Sony?

KillerPwned3104d ago

Duke Nukem is a well remembered and loved franchise. It is in no way "milk" as you people say lol. I remember playing this on pc years ago brings back fond memories of the duke.

Back in the day he was a very popular icon among gamers. To this day he still lives in the hearts of the gamers that grew up with his games such as myself. Duke has lost its place in the gaming industry a long time ago. But its still here its in no way relevant.

dgroundwater3104d ago

I for one have never heard of a side scrolling Duke. This looks great and I'm interested.

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-GoldenTimeLover-3104d ago

You cared to post a comment so you do care.

mrv3213104d ago

Ten years of development for this? Man I'd be mad I'd probably file legal action.

Mista T3104d ago

dumbass this came out in 2002

mrv3213104d ago

Really I though every comment on the internet was serious and in no way relevant to recent news of a settled lawsuit regarding the series... but no, there's NO room for jokes on the internet.

Elven63104d ago

It wasn't a very good joke.

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The story is too old to be commented.