Everything We Know About Natal

1up: Microsoft's approach to motion control is a unique one. Rather than use a traditional controller, they've opted to create a system that allows users to interact with games using gestures and spoken commands.
We were given a glimpse of the peripheral's potential during E3 2009, when Microsoft introduced the world to "Milo." Details have been sparse since then, but we should know much more following Microsoft's special Natal event on June 13.

Until then, here's a summary of what we know. Keep an eye on this space for updates on the official release date and pricing information during E3!.

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Dramscus3110d ago

Still think it's only going to be useful for sports games, dancing games, weird kids/party games, and interface stuff.
Can't see any good shooters, or racing games being on it or working very well with it.
They may have tacked on support I guess, add your face onto your character in multi player or something..
Also I know there is footage of people playing a racing game with it.
Color me not a fan of not having at least a wheel in my hands.
They can't even allow you to use just anything you pick up as a control device.
Sony has a patent that would allow people to pick up a shoe and register it as a steering wheel. I would rather steer with a shoe than attempt to hold my hands at ten and two on an imaginary circle.

Not to say there isn't a big market for dance/ sports, and party games.

-Alpha3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I can see stuff like shooters happening, but I question the limits. I don't think Natal will focus on the conventional though, which is why I would hope shooters would be designed differently. It's up to the developers, it really, really is.

I do hope to see them make new subgenres of sorts or at least new types of games we haven't seen. If Natal is as revolutionary as MS wants us to believe then the games have to be unique, not necessarily mimic what we already have. Same goes for Move, the motion technology needs to make motion games, not be games that you can do with the controllers already.

I trust MS will approach the right devs to make unique games. We just have to see them. People are very critical of Natal, and that's fair, but it's getting tiring hearing people take pride in the potential of it failing. I don't want Natal to fail, and nobody who values gaming experiences should. A common conspiracy theory of sorts that keeps getting vaguely implied (like all conspiracy theories do) is that MS is afraid and realize they have nothing, which is why we haven't seen anything yet. MS likely is saving for E3, like they've done in the past. It's the chance of getting attention at such a media-heavy event, and MS would surely invest for their revelations to be revealed at E3. We will see in about 3 days.

Good luck to MS, I hope they deliver Natal.

Dramscus3110d ago

My imagination must be more limited then yours or your cool with gun fingers.
I didn't even say it should fail let alone take pride that it would.
I can honestly see a whole plethora of awesome sports games coming out for it, boxing, football, soccer, basketball, maybe even hockey and baseball. Though they will have to be inventive to do any of that. I don't doubt that many will be quite inventive.
It could also be a great tool for games like heavy rain. I know that was on ps3 but that type of genre, story telling kind of style would work amazingly well with natal. Better than it would ever work with move.
It might even be pretty cool for rpg's if they work it properly.
Though I also will say this about the thing. Anything that involves arm waving or body movement in any way, will put an end to marathon game sessions.
I have a pseye for my ps3, I've played quite a few motion games on it. After a while you get tired, I'm by no means a lazy sack either.
You don't even have to get tired to the point where you can't play anymore just after a bit your motions become less precise.
They'vze got lots of challenges to get past with this device. That's fine it's a more ballsy approach than the move which plays thing's safe in the wii mote style it has.

Whether natal does great or so so or totally flops depends on how creative companies are with the games they put out.
More so than with the move because the companies supporting move can test the water with games that support both regular controllers and the motion device.
I don't see natal having that luxury, which will probably result in some short cheap games that they test the water with to see how it's selling.
This is just realistically how business works.

-Alpha3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

"I didn't even say it should fail let alone take pride that it would."

I didn't say that you did, I was just adding/replying to your first two or three sentences.

"Whether natal does great or so so or totally flops depends on how creative companies are with the games they put out."

Pretty much. Though, MS doesn't have the benefit of First Parties, which will prove troublesome. Hopefully third parties will take an interest in Natal or MS can at least cut deals with third parties to work on the console. I know there are a lot of guys apparently interested or working on it. Dev kits were sent out last year if I'm not mistaken. MS ought to secure some First Parties, but hopefully we can see third parties utilizing Natal well.

deadreckoning6663110d ago

"Can't see any good shooters, or racing games being on it or working very well with it."

Ummm..thats kinda the point. I'd take my Duelshock over ANY motion controller to play shooters or racers.

Lionhead3110d ago

I wonder if people are just disagreeing with you because they dislike you =\

I want to see hardcore games on Natal, but I just don't see many of them happening. I forsee the same fate that the Wii has succumb to will happen with both Move and Natal.

Hallmark Moment3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

They're disagreeing because they know you and others like him are in here stealth trolling. Who told you guys what Natal will offer in regards to hardcore games and causal games? Do you know something about the Natal lineup and what is in development we don't? This is why you're getting disagrees because you're trolling. Also no one cares if he prefers a PS3 controller to motion in a 360 article :p At again Lionhead?


No one cares little fella you guys are part of a fringe group compared to the masses.

Disagree all you wan't it's not surprising on a site full of the worst rabid PS3 fanboys and perpetrators the net has ever known. You're not fooling anybody you're just as bad as any PS3 fanboy on this site.

Lionhead3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Sorry I own both a 360 and PS3

Like I keep telling you, sorry I can't be one sided like you.

When I see you say something close to positive about the PS3, maybe just maybe you'll be right :)

Edit: No one cares, yet he responds

Hah, someone sure is defensive tonight. Can't keep his fingers off the F5 to see what I say :( Seems like you care, you care QUITE a lot.

Look how he still responds, thanks for proving me right =D

Triella3110d ago

this video is veeeeeery interesting

Cevapi883110d ago

the way i could see shooters working on Natal is if the videogame character gets synced to the players body...take for example way shooting mechanics could work is if your finger has controller of the sure that devs will put a lot of effort in to their tutorials so that players are lined up properly with the camera and they know what movements they need to perform to play the game properly...i think it would be cool if you could control the trigger on the gun...and lets say your bring your arms up as though you are aiming down the sight and the game actually does that on the tv....if MS shows that at E3....A LOT of people will be sold on Natal because shooters are the most competitive games this gen

Finch3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Or show it being controled by the controler itself since MS said you can use both. Natal can do other things in a FPS and the controler can be used as normal for movement and shooting. Natal can be used for hand signals with team mates, head tracking, reloading, throwing frags, picking up ammo/weapon or what not the devs can come up with. As much as Natal is said to be hands free and it is if you want to not use a controler, but MS said many times you can use natal also like a hybrid with a controler. It may be small stuff with a controler natal hybrid use, but it will be done in some shape and form and must likly in most FPS as only a enhancement.

Yet since its still early i can see more Natal only games to start with and later the hybrid stuff will come out as the norm with the more hardcore games at least.

Cevapi883110d ago

i could see a peripheral or accessory that you put on your hands that puts tension on your fingers/palms when you make a gesture or when you put your arms out as though you are holding a gun....the tech wouldnt be a controller, but it would make the immersion of Natal much more seemless since it will be the player making the movements and actions instead of a controller and buttons

Christopher3110d ago

I'm real skeptical by what a lot of those third-parties are going to use Natal for in their games. I'm thinking a lot of them might end up just being alternative methods of interacting with the UI or something. Next week will be a big eye opener, at least.

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jaredhart3110d ago

about what it will offer the hardcore gamer.

Dramscus3110d ago

You can select movies with it? Accidentally change a song while grabbing a drink maybe?

The only way I see it being beneficial for the hardcore gamer is if they get you using a controller and also have some totally awesome things you can do at the same time with the natal.
That however sounds complicated. Taking your hand off the controller to make a gesture.
Maybe you could shove your leg out and kick an enemy in the face duke nukem style.
Still doesn't sound very hardcore or appealing though.

Finch3110d ago

Yea they have said they are allowing a hybrid with Natal and controler enhancement. Its now up to the devs on how to make it work and worth doing. It sounds like its only to enhance not really needed to play the game at all. Just little things and hopefully with the more hardcore games. Its mustly headtracking stuff or something small where you dont have to take your hand off the controler.

nygamer283110d ago

"Microsoft has confirmed that Activision, Bethesda, Capcom, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Konami, MTV Games, Namco Bandai, Sega, Square Enix, THQ, and Ubisoft will be supporting the device"


niceguywii603110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

3 games in 5 or 6 genres and a compatible Motion Wand and pad for Natal plus a list of some compatible standard games.


Phantom haters trolling with phantom disagrees LOL tracking every Natal article showing more interest in Natal then they do PS3. lol

These dudes are not even logging off N4G just sitting in front of their PC's 24/7 waiting for 360 news. Sony is in trouble.

WildArmed3110d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong,
But wasn't Fable 3 announced to have Natal support?

Arnon3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Yes it does. Mass Effect 3 as well.

Dramscus3110d ago

yeah but there isn't any word on what kind of support. I can't imagine those heavy hitting titles releasing and making you totally use natal. Their going to be generally controller based most likely.

Arnon3110d ago

Yeah I'm sure they wont. I don't want them to, but it would be absolutely amazing if they add support such as interactive dialog and choosing to pick things up and whatnot. Simple tasks and such.

poopface13110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

that would make me feel like some sort of bad ass.

Im also pretty sure some Dev will release some sort of gun/weapon for it. Or let you use props you have like a sword.

Id like to see a game where you can scan items in and use them as weapons. Scan my dog(or my humongous schlong) in and beat enemies to death with it.

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