4 New Natal Games Detailed, Over A Dozen More At E3

It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about no wheel at all. That’s what Microsoft is trying to do this generation by introducing Project Natal. Los Angeles Times has revealed a new list of games that they were able to play with Project Natal, and a short description of them. LA Times also confirms that Microsoft will be showcasing over a dozen more Natal-licensed titles from other game developers this Monday and Tuesday

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THC CELL3109d ago

sound like eyetoy games to me

Hideo_Kojima3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Well they are going to be similar since neither use a controller. This are the type of games you will get on Natal.

That is 3 new games detailed Ricochet has already been talked about.

PixlSheX3109d ago

Can't wait to E3. Got to see a celebrity doing Elaine's kicks dance.

Focker4203109d ago

Ok you deserve some bubbles. That was f*ckin hilarious!!

HolyOrangeCows3109d ago

Maybe they'll have Julia Louis-Dreyfus on stage.

Biggest3109d ago

So like. . . Hardcore? Or should we just wait for E3 and keep expecting better?

SonyGoogle3109d ago

They've already shown a hardcore game, remember the Burnout demo? Where half the experience was lag, and the other half was even more lag?

Parapraxis3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

@ SonyGoogle, you should have split it into thirds, as you left no room for 1/3 of the experience is only being able to accelerate, no breaking and no variation....ON or OFF.
Who wouldn't want to play a racing game where you have no brakes and no throttle variation! LOL

doa7663109d ago

I was having my fair share of doubts but now I'm convinced: I'm buying Move

oohWii3109d ago

Honestly, I have never hear as much BS clowning on something as much as you frightful PS3 fanboys appear to be about Natal. You claim it's not going to be worth a hill of beans, yet it seems to trouble you enough to the point that you CONSTANTLY bash it. Why worry about it if it's nothing to it.

Additionally, EVERY Natal article has 5 times more PS3 Fanboy trolling comments in it than 360 fans commenting. Why not just put all Natal articles in as PS3 news being that PS3 fans seem to have the most interest in it.

The level of hate some of you guys are spewing, can only be explained by jealousy for fear, both of which are SOLID traits of a HARDCORE fanboy.

I can say this, at least Natal is different, but Move is nothing more than a wiimote and nunchuk, a straight copy.

k-Lan3109d ago

Nice post! The best thing to do is sit back and watch them make fools of themselves. They know it, we know it. If you hate a console or a company would you follow their every move? Obviously not. I associate such people with one word. It starts with an L and there are a hell of a lot of them in the wrong section!

Milamber3109d ago

"Instead, the games will rely on a device the size of a stapler that perches on top of a living room TV to recognize faces, obey voice commands and track body movements."

What kind of staplers do they use in LA?


Parapraxis3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

LMAO @ the picture.
Maybe their slogan should be:
NATAL: It'll make you suspect your own parents are gay.

sonnyz3109d ago

What are you talking about? I think that "Obstacle Course" is a UC2 killer!

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Cajun Chicken3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Not the 'dozen more', the four covered in this article.

KionicWarlord2223109d ago

At least now there`s more then riochet .

WildArmed3109d ago

I like the idea of an obstacle course.
If it's a rainy day and u dont feel like going out, time to get some exercise in your living room!

SonyGoogle3109d ago

Because if it wasn't raining, you'd be outside in your obstacle course.

WildArmed3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Actually, while I don't own one myself. The gym I go to does!
Sadly it's an outdoor one!

But it's only fun the first few times.. then you just wanna go back inside -.-


The point was getting excercise in your living room.

I'm glad such intellects come and comment on N4G!
This is what keeps me coming back to N4G! The great minds that come together in the comment section!

Oner3109d ago

@ SonyGoogle ~ F'ing classic! You got me with that and made me literally LoL! +Funny & Agree.

outrageous3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Well that is some really dumb trolling. Video games are played INDOORS. By attacking Natal with that line of thinking, you've attacked gaming at large. It's bad enough when the President of the United States attacks video games and gamers, now we have gamers ( assuming your a gamer ) themselves attacking gamers. Rather sad.

Project Natal is a casual gaming device, no different than the Wii or the Move. If you don't like it say so. If you have a problem with video games or gaming at large, go find a web site that caters to ignorance such as yours.

WildArmed3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

lol? I'm trolling?

Oh yes yes, i forget.
If you say something positive about Natal.
it's still considered trolling.

Thanks for your in-genius input.

now you can shove it back where it came from ^^

once again, gotta love the great intellect @ n4g.

They definitely understand the world sitting behind their computers.
It's funny when people think having an opinion is trolling.

W/e helps you sleep at night mate.

xc7x3109d ago

oh no,this don't look good for the hardcore crowd,in fact it's looking scary.

IcarusOne3109d ago

"Using facial recognition software, the camera checks who is playing and pulls up their personal avatars on the screen. The feature would, for example, let parents control which games their kids can play. If the console sees that the person playing is associated with a profile with parental controls, it will restrict the types of games that can be played."

That's kind of scary. In a brilliant kind of way.

xc7x3109d ago

the technology of Natal is cool,never said it wasn't but these games are not meant for hardcore user.

jerethdagryphon3109d ago

honestly photo recognition not exactly that hard
yes natal uses that only instead of a static photo it checks the face and outline against stored images.

still not impressed by ms offering


Im loving it, I think that the "statue" game is gonna be a hit. I can imagine sending my friend a video of my avatar pop locking.

webeblazing3109d ago

jereth is right face recognition isnt new its even on pseye for the ps3 it can even sort the mood people in your album is in and sort happy and sad. but thats not new cause most cams got face recognition

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Tony-A3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I've seen half of those detailed, so we (obviously) still have much to see.

I predict that some will be disappointed by how many casual games will be shown at E3, but I'm pretty sure Microsoft won't care. They won't be aiming for the audience they revealed it to.

@disagrees: You're saying you won't be disappointed if they show a lot of casual games?

@Dark: Yeah, for instance, in the demo that they showed using a kid and his mom, the lady demoing mentioned E3 and the guy said "What's E3, I've never heard of it". Guys on N4G like to think E3 is like the Oscars, but in reality, it's not nearly as popular.

D4RkNIKON3109d ago

ironicly the E3 audience won't be the target market for games like this. Most casuals don't know what E3 is.

WildArmed3109d ago

At this point, most casuals dont know what Natal is.

Casual gamers are the gamers that look at best buy catalogs or think that a gamestop employee is a one way ticket to know it all gaming.

Once the hardware comes on the market, thats when the casuals will start to notice it.

oohWii3109d ago

This is why Microsoft have the Natal briefing being televised on both MTV (10 and up) and Nick (3-10, watching with their parents.) It appears that they will have ALL audiences covered at the same time.

outrageous3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I agree, E3 is not mainstream like the Oscars, BUT THANKFULLY Microsoft does think it is. They, the casual gamers out there, may or may not of heard of E3, BUT they have heard of MTV and Spike TV.

Microsoft knows what they are doing. Project Natal will blow the casual gamers away. Did you notice that this article is from the LA Times? Do you think casual gamers read newspapers?

k-Lan3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Ummmmmm... Weezy? Maybe that's why there are TWO conferences? What about Sony? Will Move be for the hardcore? lol. I can't wait to find out! Just make sure you're here afterwards, alright?