Hexyz Force Review (
"From the developer of titles such as Baroque, Evolution and Knights in the Nightmare, Sting Entertainment, and the publisher behind the Shin Megami Tensei series, Demon’s Souls and Trauma Team, Atlus USA, comes a traditional style RPG with a few added twists.

Player’s will take on the role of either of two characters, the loyal knight Levant von Schweitzer or the care-free cleric Cecilia Armaclite. The land is split into two sections, both of which seem to know nothing of the other, the Lustrous Berge, which is always filled with light, and Dark Berge, which is engulfed in darkness.

In the end Hexyz Force may not be for everyone, but for RPG fans that want a game that offers plenty of play time, potentially 20-25 hours each story, with different endings and a whole lot of dungeons to explore, this would be a title worth picking up. At the price of $29.99 getting two RPGs in one is still a very good value."

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