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seij5553113d ago

Meh, looks ok. Worried about the framerate though, hopefully it was just because of the compressed video.

UltraNova3113d ago

I can tell u right now frame rate will be an issue on both consoles.

Only super PC's will be ok running it.

On a side note, I dont know which version they used for the video but I've definitely seen better graphics in other console games.

Downtown boogey3112d ago

Four bubbles for such a douche?

ChanDangle3113d ago

Oh mah lawd the screen tearing!

Pootangpie3113d ago

but there were graphical hiccups they still need to fix hopefully that was only the console versions

HQLocated1113113d ago

looks like any other shooter, will be a decent game but nothing spectacular.

lelo2play3113d ago

@HQLocated111 ... what a stupid comment!!!

Every FPS game looks like another shooter... so what's your point?

Downtown boogey3112d ago

Odd... I cannot recall the shooter where you could run around on top of the buildings of New York.

BillOreilly3113d ago

looks fun but somewhat generic

hardcorez3113d ago

What would be non-generic?

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The story is too old to be commented.