Xboxic: Modern Warfare 2 Getting Non Killstreak Playlist?

Xboxic Reports: "Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward's Community Spokesman has provided information via his twitter account that Modern Warfare 2 is likely to get a new playlist that removes all Killstreaks."

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Redrum0593113d ago

I'm tired of campers winning in heriers, choppers, and ac130s.

jjohan353113d ago

I never understood people who complain about the killstreaks in MW2. If you don't like them, play Hardcore. When you play hardcore, stopping power becomes an unnecessary perk. Everybody uses cold-blooded, which essentially makes all killstreaks useless.

raWfodog3112d ago

That...would be actually good. No more people ignoring the objectives of the match just to rack up a bunch of killstreaks to activate some overpowered death from above. Of course leave the killstreak option in but it would be nice to have a choice. I predict all the campers would avoid it like the plague :)

thisisxbox3113d ago

Finally LOL - It's about to just get even better!!!

boysenberry3113d ago

Nice, now please remove OMA and Commando.

mauleriscool3113d ago

or just perks in general from the playlist

jmmurillo863113d ago

Isn't it? Even paradoxical.

SixZeroFour3113d ago

yep, adding a gametype that takes away what makes modern warefare, modern warefare...if they didnt make it such an unbalanced concept, im sure they wouldnt have to make a playlist taking away the very aspect

retrofly3113d ago

Your damned if you dont.
I'm pretty sure I remember alot fo people complaing that there wasn't an "old skool" mode in MW2. Now they are going to give people a choice and people still complain.

basicsameh5143113d ago

they can call it pure skill no kill streaks no commando just a playlist for the real gamers

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The story is too old to be commented.