Ten Dreamcast Games We'd Like to See on XBLA/PSN

Gamervision writes: "...Here are ten more games we'd love to see ported over to the current generation with HD graphics, online multiplayer, and all of the other pleasantries we've become accustom to this generation. It's not in any order, and some have since been ported. Still, they're all games with their hearts in the Dreamcast, and we would love to see them remade either way.


While not everyone in the Gamervision office is a fan of Sega's adventure game, it was still one of the first games that came up when we heard about the new announcement. When it was released, the game was praised for its unorthodox gaming - elements of which can be seen in plenty of recent hits, from Heavy Rain to Yakuza. In fact, with Microsoft owning the rights to the sequel, seeing the original make its way to Xbox Live wouldn't be a surprise at all, since it could easily be followed by an Xbox Originals release for the second game. A PlayStation Network release might be tricky, though...

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-Alpha3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I want them in HD or at least better looking for today's standards, and I would like online for certain games:

1) Power Stone 2
2) Sonic Adventure 1
3) Sonic Adventure 2
4) Sword of the Berserk
5) Crazy Taxi 1 (confirmed)
6) Crazy Taxi 2
7) Shenmue (I've never played it)
8) Power Stone 1
9) Jet Set Radio
10) House of the Dead 2 :D

The Dreamcast truly was a godly console. I miss my DC days dearly.

Cajun Chicken3111d ago

Yeah, you've got that right. Powerstone 2 before PS1 please. I'd admit, I'd be a little annoyed if PS1 comes out first and it takes ages to get PS2.

piroh3110d ago

i think Power Stone was made by CAPCOM, but if they mean all Dreamcast games not only by SEGA, so here is my list
1. Sonic Adventure 2
2. Metropolis Street Racer
3. Crazy Taxi 3 (because i played Fare Wars for PSP)
4. Soul Calibur
5. Phantasy Star Online and many more...

Cajun Chicken3110d ago

Yeah, but come on. Powerstone 2 NEEDS to get released in HD.

WildArmed3111d ago

The firs thing that came to mind when I heard the announcement about Dreamcast games coming to psn/xbl was:
I'll finally get to play Shenmue, the game that EVERYONE talks about on N4G!

It's just one game that I've heard soo much about, but havn't played it.
I guess i'll see if this old classic lives up to the hype that it's built up for me xD

jjesso19933110d ago

Dont do it for your self you waiting for sequel to you die its amazing but its the most anoying thing knowing theres never going to be sequel.

himdeel3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

[me](o'-')b---(hate)-- ->>Alpha-Male22

Sword of Berserk
Sonic Adventure 2

is all I want :)

EDIT: Phantasy Star Online version 2 would be nice as well.

Information Minister3110d ago

I want Virtua Striker 2 on XBLA/PSN. You would not believe how much money I spent playing that game with my friends at the local arcade. I would gladly buy that game again, even though I already own the Dreamcast version.

poopface13110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

and I have 7 from the list.

I love DC and would love powerstone with online fighting.

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NYC_Gamer3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

no love for blue stinger or house of the dead?

NecrumSlavery3111d ago

Remember Typing of the Dead???

lightningsax3110d ago

If I ever play Blue Stinger again, it's going to be straight-up riffing, MST3K style. That game looked like it didn't age well on the day it was released!

Although I'll always love the christmas-y music that played in the mall while I shot monsters in the face. That was awesome. The swimming mechanics? Not so awesome.

poopface13110d ago

and tried to play it a while back and it did not age well at all.

fossilfern3111d ago


Whos with me ?

tablav3111d ago

I'd buy it...

Best game of the generation, if the online support wasn't awful from the start and then discontinued. It had potential.

Vinster3111d ago

Skys of Arcadia & Shenmue

insanetwig3111d ago

I believe Crazy Taxi was the best thing that came out of DreamCast...and to be honest I'm not positive its where it started.

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