Natal-Like PSN Game, Kung-Fu Live, Gets New Trailer

Mucu from writes, "Kung-Fu Live, which tracks the user’s motions and places them in the game with Natal(Wait, no. Scratch that.) the PlayStation Eye, has just received a brand-new trailer for E3. Check it out!"

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deadreckoning6663109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Didn't HHG demo this on his show last month?

Edit: Yep, found it.

I might buy this! I've been tryin ta lose some weight(without running on some stupid ass treadmill lol). I think this game can help =D

Sheikh Yerbouti3109d ago

Knew I'd want it when HHG was playing it. You don't look like you're having an epileptic seizure when playing it either. You look bad ass.

Hideo_Kojima3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

yep. I had seen this game even before the HIP HIP HIP HOP Gaaaaaaaaaaamer show.

I will probably get it unless something similar and better comes out.

What they need to do is make a treadmill that comes with virtual reality glasses a some sort of game that includes a lot of running.

CellularDivision3109d ago


I think you are the kind of person that thinks games like WiiFit will make you lose weigh. Only way to loose weigh is by dieting, and working out, like running on a stupid ass treadmill. If you dont like the gym, then just buy one and make your own home gym. Also, 1500 calories a day.

lol wow so this game will get praised cuz its on ps3 rofl!

badz1493109d ago

and it's a lot of fun playing with family members! this is something new with full body tracking (like Natal) and may be something fun to mess up with! but how the hell do you "fly" like shown in the video? still confused though!

Bigpappy3109d ago

This is a 2D side stroller game. No wonder PS3 Fanboyz believe Natal and Eyetoy are the same. E3 will show you why this game is no natal like game.

n4gno3109d ago

big daddy is crossing his fingers
"bububu you'll see at E3, a camera is not a camera !!""

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qface643109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

look at that picture geez that looks 100x more dangerous than the wii and its wiimote could ever be

is that excessive kick really needed?

Hideo_Kojima3109d ago

one thing is for sure most of Natal users will not be fit enough to play most of the Natal games for more than 5 minutes... and some won't be able to play them at all.

HolyOrangeCows3109d ago

Controller free gaming? Everything does it only do.

"I've been tryin ta lose some weight(without running on some stupid ass treadmill lol)"
Amen, brother.

Biggest3109d ago

This is hardly the way to lose weight. I would say visit your local gym. I don't know how true it is, but some guy told me that chicks dig muscles. To each his own though. Maybe Kung-Fu Live is the new PX90.

HolyOrangeCows3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I'm agreeing because I'm sick of the treadmill.

And I hate public gyms. Other persons' sweat, idiots bring their kids and half of the places around here don't care, no guarantee of getting the equipment you want, etc. Bleh.

Biggest3109d ago

You should try 24 Hour Fitness. They have a kids club, a towel rule, multiple stations, cardio equipment time limits, and a full staff 24/7. Tell them Biggest referred you. I get 50% off my next dues.

BkaY3109d ago

i am so getting this game.. then hopefully i can beat the crap out of chuck Norr......*tap on the shoulder* turns around .. falcon punch from hell...

peace n call 911

Quagmire3109d ago

PlayStation Eye

It Only Does Natal

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Shadow Flare3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

That was awesome! First time i've seen a trailer for the game and i'm well impressed!

It also really makes me question how natal exactly is supposed to be better? Because pseye tracks your full body, and combined with Move, it tracks your movements in a 3D space with 1:1 tracking which natal can't do. And with eyepet you can scan drawings and stuff with the camera....the very few things natal can do which move can't aren't enough.

SOAD3109d ago

Well, we'll just have to wait and see what Natal can do.

SOAD3109d ago

I wouldn't act so certain about things I'm completely oblivious about, if I were you.

Godmars2903109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Still get the feeling that this was a Natal game.

Until "Something" happened...

Going to be interesting to see what a natal version of this game looks like.

morganfell3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

We have seen it except there is no lightning, ground shake, or flips. And oh, the people you fight look like giant red balls.

Sheikh Yerbouti3109d ago

Why can't this be another PSEye game? They have those.

I think it may be 3D, but I'm interested how both handle movement. Rendering the player in 3D for controls means nothing unless the player can move in that 3D space.

From what I've seen with PSEye the player is usually framed in and environment, and Natal locks you in a glass box and spits red balls at you.

Godmars2903109d ago

It can't be, because if anyone had cared about the PSeye before Wii/Move/Natal we would have had games like this one before Move/Natal. That before Milo there would have been Eyedentify.

Like I said before, really want to see what a Natal-version Kung-fu Live looks like. Mostly because I suspect it wont be able to do anywhere near the level of augmented reality the PSeye can. If any at all.

That more than likely Sony's been wasting that resource up until now and Move will make them realize that.

Sheikh Yerbouti3108d ago

What was EyePet then? Or .detuned?

I agree that the timing was obviously planned, but I don't think these games were created specifically to answer Natal.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I've heard Kung Fu Live 2 will be designed to use Move Controllers besides the body detection in game. They didn't have the time to develop the 1st one to use the Move.

CimmerianDrake3109d ago

EyeToy/PSEye had games like this before Natal was even thought of. *sigh* American journalism FTL.

Godmars2903109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Since its absolutely true, got no choice but.

Still, its more than likely that the PSeye caught some of the newer MC crap which is why we're getting this game. Would be nice if this sparked a full re-investment in the device that's being made to look secondary to Move even though its Move that's the accessory.

At the very least it would give Sony two fronts to attack Natal/Wii with.

Pretty sure its $15 if not $12.

wages of sin3109d ago

Stop with the "I hate anything American" crap. Most of you who jump on that wagon don't even know what you're talking about. What if I said "Angry SDF Euro trash journalism". The other side of the globe has plenty of journalists "FTL". Get of your high horse.

I'm American and proud of it. Contrary to what your media tells you and what you think about us, it's not always the case. We have bad apples amongst us, but you can bet your [email protected]# that you have yours as well.

CimmerianDrake "FTL"

BkaY3109d ago

what you call that ... new heights of stupidity or pure arrogance.

not to start any bull ...


Sheikh Yerbouti3109d ago

Those folks obviously don't watch the news, so what does that say about American journalism again...?

CimmerianDrake3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Stop making an ass out of u and me. I'm not European, I'm Canadian. And I say American Journalism FTL because only journalists from the U.S. would say that PSN would have a Natal-like game. Anywhere else in the world would have said "PSN to get new PSEye game" or something like that. You know, considering that the PSEye has been doing "Natal-like" games for years now. DMY dude, you're too patriotic. Living in Canada, I know everything I need to know about the good ol' US of A because we're neighbours. Your own news channels do a good enough job. But, I have plenty of friends from the U.S. who are decent, intelligent, honorable people.

You however need to chill out and see that this is a case of poor American pseudo-journalism.

BkaY3109d ago

thts about the second part of his comment...
and i am saying that again .. no offense...


WildArmed3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

For the record, anything catered to the N4G audience would be titled like this.
Because they know how to stir up the shitty crowd.

The first thing that came to mind when i read the title..
what does Natal have to do with PSN?

And yes you are correct, it doesn't belong there.
But it has nothing to do with 'Americans,' I'm sure you understand the concept of stereotyping and what correlates to it.

And don't confuse Amateur journalism with real journalism. There is a big difference, i assure you.

As for that youtube video, it was hilarious.
But you have to understand the fact that the video was made for that purpose. For laughter, not to be a judging factor of the 'American' intelligence.

But again, if it helps you to understand a society unknown to you, it's fine. I bet there are videos on youtube for every country.

WildArmed3109d ago

Oh and in no way am I trying to change your view on anything.

We have this weird concept of freedom here.
So you are free to believe what you want ^^

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niceguywii603109d ago

Thats nothing like Natal all the game is doing is using the gamer's image while looking at limbs and then making the avatar fight in a traditional way. Nothing close to full body real time motion tracking in 3D. Fucin joke trying to compare this to Natal. This is like the Sixaxis motion dualshock tech vs Wiimote again but this time Natal and Move.

LOL Stick an arm out and the copy and pasted avatar does a super punch. Leg out means kick and arm out means punch is nothing close to Natal. LOL at Sony being desperate, this means they are worried about Natal.

Focker4203109d ago

Ummmmmmm.... did you happen to notice he doesn't have the PS Move?? This is just an PsEye game. This is not a Move title.

n4gno3109d ago

desperate ? yeah sure, with better sells worldwide, better games, better hardware...3D and better motion controlers..

it's just a ps eye game (you know, the camera, father of natal), not move (the perfect wiimote)

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