Insomniac Full Moon Show 51: Resistance: Fall of Man Retrospective

Latest full moon show from the guys at Insomniac Games,a Resistance: Fall of Man retrospective.

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Prcko3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

This rly saying something,retrospective few days before E3,and it's resistance retrospective :))

WildArmed3110d ago

I hope it's hinting towards some Nathan Hale/Resistance goodness!
I've been expecting a sequel in '10 since '08.
I hope they don't let me down XD

Cajun Chicken3110d ago

I love these new style Full Moon podcasts. Why can't we see other developers like Naughty Dog or Sucker Punch do them?

MajestieBeast3110d ago

Resistance this E3 we just know its gonna happen/

Mucudadada3110d ago

Great retrospective. I always love learning more of the behind the scenes info on games. Especially when that game was the game that spun in my PS3 for a year.

LordMarius3110d ago

So this how the worst franchise to ever grace my console originated.....

boysenberry3110d ago

F*ck and you. Resistance rocks!! Bring on R3 Insomniac!!

Noobasaurus_REX3110d ago

I think you misclicked and thought this was the alan wake article

DiLeCtioN3110d ago

You're joking? RFOM is like the best launch title any console could have come out with.

Great and dark story

Killer Community Features

Epic 40 player online battles

Sorry mate but RFOM will forever be in my memories as one of the greatest and most fun game ive played and am not even trying to defend it,just saying it plain and simple.

games4fun3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

hate/troll all you want, the first Resistance stomped all over the preconcieved xboxlive is more stable bs out the gate. It introduced 40 player matches when xbox had 16player and an awesome shooter for the ps3. Proving dedicated servers are the way to go almost always. It was recieved well when all the reviewers wanted to hate the ps3. If you read first reviews it was such a solid title that they all appeared to be shocked it ran so well and seemed to almost grudgingly give it the scores.

I also consider Resistance 1 one of the best titles in the ps3 library, launch title or not. (i hope they go back to the way R1 was for R3.)

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The story is too old to be commented.