Is Red Dead Redemption Coming to PC? Rockstar Answers. reports: "Today in the comments section of a news post on Rockstar's Newswire, someone asked them if there was any plans to bring Red Dead Redemption to PC, and Rockstar answered them!"

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stylez843110d ago

I'd be really surprised if it didn't seeing as it will likely be as popular as GTA4 which inevitably was taken to PC.

Hideo_Kojima3110d ago

I thought everyone knew...

November 2010 just like GTA 4.

Conloles3110d ago

It will imo, once again will probably be poorly optimized but will be superior to all platforms.

badz1493110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

it's ok R*. I'll take it from here and help you answer that. Is Red Dead Redemption Coming to PC? HELL YES! - but you need to wait a little longer! next question?

IllusionRSN3110d ago

I give it 6 months to a year before it comes out on PC.

tweakedhuman3110d ago

better come to pc....gta 4 sucked on played so much better on pc

T9X693110d ago

GTA 4 played just fine on consoles. I would love to see RDR come to the PC though (even though I'm not a PC gamer) just to see all the cool mods people come up with. Back in the day there was some amazing GTA San Andreas mods that just amazed me. Not sure about GTA 4 because I never really followed it.

Ocelot5253110d ago

1. the PC GTA4 has a gigantic amount bugs
2. no rockstar social club BS on the consoles
3. you need a decent PC to at least get the same detail as the consoles, it was a hasty port
4. driving sucks on keyboard(you can only give full acceleration or no acceleration, same for brakes)

marioPSUC3110d ago

it played much worse on the pc, poor optimization

Mista T3110d ago

they better code it better this time, even high end pc users were having a bit of trouble running it at desired setting

SOAD3110d ago

This is a shame. Of all the platforms to be shafted, the PC should not be one of them.

Rockstar is really doing a disservice to PC gamers. GTA got its start on PC. What reason is there for it to not be on PC with better visuals and mod support?

They've had 2 years to optimize the RAGE engine for PC. It shouldn't be that hard. It was built for 360 and the 360 is close to PC architecture.

LightofDarkness3110d ago

R* have been console oriented since GTA III. They've made the majority of their success from the PS2 generation. Read Dead Revolver never made it ti PC either, so one can deduce that the IP is very much console centric. As much as I'd love to see those beautiful landscapes in 1080p with the draw distance turned up to 100%, it likely won't happen.

They seem to be pretty lackaday with regards PC these days. They made just about zero optimization for Rage thus far and will likely continue to do so.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3110d ago

R* do seem to neglect the PC, but the PS2 games they made are the ones that cemented their reputation.

Maybe they don't see the money on PC, but i really don't know. They must have some reason for not putting out games on the PC considering they are a good dev team and can do it if they want.

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The story is too old to be commented.