Alert: Project Natal News Of “Epic Proportions” Incoming

Gamers beware, whether you’re interesting in Natal or not, you should pay attention to this.

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knight6262568d ago

the epic proportion is going to be on M$ natal conferenece thats how big it is lame article move on

GreenRingOfLife2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Im going to stay glued to my computer until i find out what this announcement is!!!

Microsoft always attracts people with epic announcements like this

MisterNiwa2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

No offense dude, but it seems you are always glued to your Computer.

karl2568d ago

probably spends more time on N4G than playing his 360

HolyOrangeCows2568d ago

According to Ubisoft, as reported by Gamesthirst.

boodybandit2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

GreanROL isn't a gamer. Living on the internet trolling is his game / source of entertainment. Watch. GreenRingOfLife what is your gamertag? PM it to me.

I have asked dozens of trolls for the GT info and they never answer. Gee I wonder why? /s

villevalorox2568d ago

yeah epic like uhh....................... Pac-Man World Championship... o.-

CJJA2568d ago

attracts people? umm. lately sony has had all the annoucments

ShinMaster2567d ago

You do know that's next week, right?
God you have no life xD

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movements2568d ago

Fragdolls are actually a team of girls working for Ubisoft.

Reibooi2568d ago

Honestly if it's about Natal I can't see it being anything big. I would LOVE to believe Natal can do something for the Core or Hardcore gamers out there but I don't think it will. And without that there is no reason for anyone to care about anything related to Natal until MS can prove to us that it can be of use to real gamers.

niceguywii602568d ago

How are trolls like you getting 4 bubbles?

Anon19742568d ago

He's simply saying what most gamers are thinking, Natal hasn't proven itself yet, not even close, and until it does there's really nothing to get hyped up about.

With Move, at least we've seen what it's capable of and what's in the pipe for it. We still have no idea what Natal can do, and it's release isn't that far off.

JANF2568d ago

@ darkride66

"he's simply saying what most gamers are thinking"

He's simply saying what N4G fans are thinking. Fixed.

Anon19742568d ago

Most gamers don't even know what "Natal" is, or Move for that matter. Hell, most gamers probably don't even know what E3 is.

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Greywulf2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Ricochet now does green balls?

zorglub2568d ago

ah ah nice one, bubble for you.

pixelsword2568d ago

Okay, that made me laugh.

gfunkera102568d ago

LOL!!! Maybe they will come out with a sexy stripper game, that ends after 5 minutes and leaves you with.......wait for balls!!!

Christopher2568d ago

I'm guessing one of the following:
- Just Dance (highly likely)
- Academy of Champions
- My Fitness Coach (highly likely)

FarEastOrient2568d ago

I can actually picture the Just dance coming to Natal, does anyone know if that thing is exclusive to Wii or not?

Focker4202568d ago


I think you meant to say blue balls. Especially if the fragdolls are involved. :)

cosmoracer2568d ago

Haven't you learned by now that epic news on natal is someone playing the red ball game? Probably the Frag Dolls this time. I can wait to see someone else playing the red ball game and have them talk about how cool it was. I am so excited that I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Narutone662568d ago

Aaron G. making an announcement with intention to exaggerate it out of proportion.

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BubbleSystemSuck2568d ago

Twitter as source of News... is an Epic fail

darthdevidem012568d ago

Then why comment on an epic fail news?


Cool can't wait!

Spydiggity2568d ago

what kind of moron thinks a person is only allowed to comment on articles they like?

KingME2568d ago

Didn't the greenberg news of yesterday come via Twitter?

WildArmed2568d ago

lol I think you just proved jriquelme's point.

One of the worst day's on N4G. xD

But I'd expect nothing more at E3.
Epic announcements after epic announcements.

It's the biggest gaming show of the year for a reason.

Biggest2568d ago

Isn't there a commercial making fun of that?

"This just in. Thirty-something male can't wait to get his boogie on. Via wall post."

absolutecarnage2568d ago

I'm excited for natal but i think everyone and their dog knows that we will get a shit load of information on Natal and of course it will be at the natal conference only a couple more days left

Crusade2568d ago

*Halo: Ball stopper, coming this holiday season.
*Milo DLC confirmed at launch
*Majority of E3 dedicated to Natal but will end with a stolen exclusive so all will be forgiven
*celebrity will be present to demonstrate ghost recon natal game, possibly taylor swift for some reason

Cold 20002568d ago

I can smell your fear from this side of the screen :)

N4G king2568d ago

i think that's you smelling your self

mirroredderorrim2568d ago

I can smell the fanboyism from light years away.

Mista T2568d ago

Red Ball Stopper will be......Split Screen Online!!!! yeh!!!! (that's the epic news)
now you'll be ballin' online!!!! (ms excitement is 5 billion times of that compared to the audience watching)

a whole lotta ZZZzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzs

crapgamer2568d ago

Note to Sony. This is how you build positive hype without tipping your hand. E3 is what you use to show off new items and apps. I am so stoked for Natal, I cant wait!

WildArmed2568d ago

Jeez i wonder what people are more excited about..
announcements about announcements..
OR games that have already been announced to be shown at E3?

I guess to each their own.

but yes, I can't wait for monday.
I wanna see some Gears 3 gameplay! RAWR

zorglub2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Note to crapfanboy : nobody cares about NatEyeToy except the 3 fanboy kids MS has left after years of delivering nothing.

MS shareholders are so happy with Xbox business they want MS to leave the entertainment business completely.

Back to Sony announcement, it's raining AAA games on PS3 right now and it will be the same in late 2010 / 2011 with LBP 2, Motorstorm 3, Last Guardian, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, the new God of war PSP...

Bu bu but... Ricochet and red ball games. Bam ! There it is.

absolutecarnage2568d ago

U sir are a retard. don't believe me read your post again enough said