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Alert: Project Natal News Of “Epic Proportions” Incoming

Gamers beware, whether you’re interesting in Natal or not, you should pay attention to this. (Project Natal, Xbox 360)

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knight626  +   1787d ago
the epic proportion is going to be on M$ natal conferenece thats how big it is lame article move on
GreenRingOfLife  +   1787d ago
OMG yes epic announcement incoming
Im going to stay glued to my computer until i find out what this announcement is!!!

Microsoft always attracts people with epic announcements like this
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MisterNiwa  +   1787d ago
No offense dude, but it seems you are always glued to your Computer.
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karl  +   1787d ago
probably spends more time on N4G than playing his 360
Focker420  +   1787d ago
Wouldn't you?? :)
HolyOrangeCows  +   1787d ago
According to Ubisoft, as reported by Gamesthirst.
boodybandit  +   1787d ago
GreanROL isn't a gamer. Living on the internet trolling is his game / source of entertainment. Watch. GreenRingOfLife what is your gamertag? PM it to me.

I have asked dozens of trolls for the GT info and they never answer. Gee I wonder why? /s
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villevalorox  +   1787d ago
yeah epic like uhh....................... Pac-Man World Championship... o.-
CJJA  +   1787d ago
attracts people? umm. lately sony has had all the annoucments
ShinMaster  +   1786d ago
You do know that's next week, right?
God you have no life xD
movements  +   1787d ago
Fragdolls are actually a team of girls working for Ubisoft.
Reibooi  +   1787d ago
Honestly if it's about Natal I can't see it being anything big. I would LOVE to believe Natal can do something for the Core or Hardcore gamers out there but I don't think it will. And without that there is no reason for anyone to care about anything related to Natal until MS can prove to us that it can be of use to real gamers.
niceguywii60  +   1787d ago
How are trolls like you getting 4 bubbles?
Anon1974  +   1787d ago
What was trolling about that statement?
He's simply saying what most gamers are thinking, Natal hasn't proven itself yet, not even close, and until it does there's really nothing to get hyped up about.

With Move, at least we've seen what it's capable of and what's in the pipe for it. We still have no idea what Natal can do, and it's release isn't that far off.
JANF  +   1787d ago
@ darkride66

"he's simply saying what most gamers are thinking"

He's simply saying what N4G fans are thinking. Fixed.
Anon1974  +   1787d ago
Yeah, I suppose that's true.
Most gamers don't even know what "Natal" is, or Move for that matter. Hell, most gamers probably don't even know what E3 is.
Greywulf  +   1787d ago | Funny
Ricochet now does green balls?
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zorglub  +   1787d ago
ah ah nice one, bubble for you.
pixelsword  +   1787d ago
@ Greywulf
Okay, that made me laugh.
gfunkera10  +   1787d ago
LOL!!! Maybe they will come out with a sexy stripper game, that ends after 5 minutes and leaves you with.......wait for it........blue balls!!!
Sully_Moustache  +   1787d ago
DeltaZ3R05  +   1786d ago
LMA0 ! iwas thinking the same thing hahaha
karan8624  +   1786d ago
You killed it
Christopher  +   1787d ago
I'm guessing one of the following:
- Just Dance (highly likely)
- Academy of Champions
- My Fitness Coach (highly likely)
aceitman  +   1787d ago
natal cheers
cheerleader game yeah
FarEastOrient  +   1787d ago
I can actually picture the Just dance coming to Natal, does anyone know if that thing is exclusive to Wii or not?
Focker420  +   1787d ago

I think you meant to say blue balls. Especially if the fragdolls are involved. :)
cosmoracer  +   1787d ago
Not really...
Haven't you learned by now that epic news on natal is someone playing the red ball game? Probably the Frag Dolls this time. I can wait to see someone else playing the red ball game and have them talk about how cool it was. I am so excited that I won't be able to sleep tonight.
Narutone66  +   1787d ago
Sounds like
Aaron G. making an announcement with intention to exaggerate it out of proportion.
BubbleSystemSuck  +   1787d ago
Twitter as source of News... is an Epic fail
darthdevidem01  +   1787d ago
Then why comment on an epic fail news?


Cool can't wait!
Spydiggity  +   1787d ago
what kind of moron...
what kind of moron thinks a person is only allowed to comment on articles they like?
KingME  +   1787d ago
Didn't the greenberg news of yesterday come via Twitter?
WildArmed  +   1787d ago
lol I think you just proved jriquelme's point.

One of the worst day's on N4G. xD

But I'd expect nothing more at E3.
Epic announcements after epic announcements.

It's the biggest gaming show of the year for a reason.
Biggest  +   1787d ago
Isn't there a commercial making fun of that?

"This just in. Thirty-something male can't wait to get his boogie on. Via wall post."
absolutecarnage  +   1787d ago
I have to agree
I'm excited for natal but i think everyone and their dog knows that we will get a shit load of information on Natal and of course it will be at the natal conference only a couple more days left
Crusade  +   1787d ago
*Halo: Ball stopper, coming this holiday season.
*Milo DLC confirmed at launch
*Majority of E3 dedicated to Natal but will end with a stolen exclusive so all will be forgiven
*celebrity will be present to demonstrate ghost recon natal game, possibly taylor swift for some reason
Cold 2000  +   1787d ago
I can smell your fear from this side of the screen :)
N4G king  +   1787d ago
i think that's you smelling your self
mirroredderorrim  +   1787d ago
I can smell the fanboyism from light years away.
Mista T  +   1787d ago
Red Ball Stopper will be......Split Screen Online!!!! yeh!!!! (that's the epic news)
now you'll be ballin' online!!!! (ms excitement is 5 billion times of that compared to the audience watching)

a whole lotta ZZZzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzs
crapgamer  +   1787d ago
Note to Sony. This is how you build positive hype without tipping your hand. E3 is what you use to show off new items and apps. I am so stoked for Natal, I cant wait!
WildArmed  +   1787d ago
Jeez i wonder what people are more excited about..
announcements about announcements..
OR games that have already been announced to be shown at E3?

I guess to each their own.

but yes, I can't wait for monday.
I wanna see some Gears 3 gameplay! RAWR
zorglub  +   1787d ago
Note to crapfanboy : nobody cares about NatEyeToy except the 3 fanboy kids MS has left after years of delivering nothing.

MS shareholders are so happy with Xbox business they want MS to leave the entertainment business completely.

Back to Sony announcement, it's raining AAA games on PS3 right now and it will be the same in late 2010 / 2011 with LBP 2, Motorstorm 3, Last Guardian, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, the new God of war PSP...

Bu bu but... Ricochet and red ball games. Bam ! There it is.
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absolutecarnage  +   1787d ago
U sir are a retard. don't believe me read your post again enough said
polow got sol  +   1787d ago
Are any devs working on games for move?? It seems natal has the industrys support in full force
WildArmed  +   1787d ago
if you close your eyes and only look at natal news, it'd seem that way.

If you read the ps3 news once in awhile, you'd know that PS Move has just as much support as natal does for as much as we know.
n4gno  +   1787d ago
What a funny question, it came from kotaku or destructoid ?

this generation is unreal "ps3 is doomed, bluray is doomed, move is doomed"
LevDog   1787d ago | Trolling | show
GeoramA   1787d ago | Trolling | show
Cajun Chicken  +   1787d ago
I'm curious about Natal, VERY curious, but I have a feeling that Natal won't be the most talked about thing at MS's E3 conference. MS are controversial like that.
Boy3000  +   1787d ago
I think they have something huge prepared...whatever it is...
n4gno  +   1787d ago
huge for fans who loves to see spielberg or the beatles live, but for gamers who loves real things and games, not so much, like 2008, 2009...
TheAwesomessMan  +   1787d ago
It's probably not that epic but ok I'll stay tuned in.
Chicago8506  +   1787d ago
So..let me get this right...
some Ubisoft girls says that some kewl news on Natal is coming soon eh?

Nobody else?

Just some Ubisoft girls tweeting eh?

u gotta b kidding me..


Natal is developed for the casual..I keep saying this..
U'll have some hardcore games...would b stupid if Microsoft didn't.

But the Casual will overshadow the hardcore concerning Natal...

Thanks for tha laugh though on this article..lmfao!

Game on!
TheJudgement  +   1787d ago
The Higher you climb
The harder you fall.
Omega Zues  +   1787d ago
gamesthirst.com +
oh no...their at it again.
Wikkid666  +   1787d ago
Epic is the key... Epic is making a game for Natal. GoW3? Maybe, but I doubt it.
astar123456789  +   1787d ago
trolling that is what this hole web site is all about i read every day ps3 suck xbox suck the wii suck.. so you want to take my post out thats cool but if you take mine down well lets take them all down then what will this web site be.
astar123456789   1787d ago | Trolling | show
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__  +   1787d ago
Does it do GREEN BALLS now???
TwistedMetal   1787d ago | Trolling | show
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1787d ago
Everyone knows
Kojima is working a game for natal, he's been tweeting back and forth along with MS meetings.
maniacmayhem  +   1787d ago
Natal is getting a Wand like controller.
adamx  +   1787d ago
lmao I wouldnt doubt it, but I thought natal need no controller?....
asyouburn  +   1787d ago
i thought msoft said i WAS the controller?
CJJA  +   1787d ago
haha if MS makes a controller for natal, they automatically FAIL. because i thought no controller was needed. lmao. its a gimmick anyways
boysenberry  +   1787d ago
Hmmm.. more games with colored balls perhaps? LOL MOVE b*tch, get out the way Natal!!
sgw_dec0y  +   1787d ago
I feel bad.. I read a lot of posts on N4G and its like if I say anything positive/negative about Natal or Move or anything I lose bubbles.. so I make little random comments and hope to keep them.. Isn't that a sad affair on all of our parts?
Obama  +   1787d ago
Natal can finally track your balls!
pixelsword  +   1787d ago
Too late; I got a girlfriend.
sickbird  +   1787d ago
wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man game exclusive for natal?
rezzah  +   1787d ago
Probably gona have people playing pong or somehting, really if they had anything theyd show it. reason why they didnt because w/e theyre hiding is all they have. If it fails, then Natal fails.
Denethor_II  +   1787d ago
Maybe they have found a way for 'Big Red Ball Smash Party Extreme Blow-out Armageddon' to run at a consistent frame rate on single player, but note that multiplayer will eventually be a bearable experience?
Bluemaster77  +   1787d ago
This thing is really gathering the buzz
Sitris  +   1787d ago
I bet the announcement was the co presenter....
Jeanette McCurdy or whatever, hope this isn't a sign of things to come....
Stev1212  +   1787d ago
Someone explain this?
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adamx  +   1787d ago
False advertising.
silkrevolver  +   1787d ago
Oh, the frag dolls?
It’s nothing. There is very little that will get me excited for Project Natal besides convincing software... which I haven’t seen yet.
killershadow117  +   1787d ago
I'm sick and tired of all of you PS3 fanboys going onto Xbox announcements and just hating, if you don't like Microsoft or the Xbox then go away. You don't see all of your PS3 news being trolled by Xbox fansboys, and you know why. It's because they have class and respect for their competition, but you PS3 fanboys have no respect and whine all day long about new Xbox news. You all are sad and pathetic.
adamx  +   1787d ago
the xbox guys are just as bad, keep it real man.
absolutecarnage  +   1787d ago
dude your avatar say's it all. Show me some links to some articles the the ps3 news where the xboxfanboys are bashing the ps3. I bet you that whatever you can find I can find 10 times that much going the other way. xbox guys are just as bad. Don't feed me a shitsandwich and call it a steak . EPIC FAIL ADAMX
ChronoJoe  +   1787d ago
There are significantly more PS3 fanboys on N4G, than 360. It's the same on a lot of gaming communities, this probably brings about this feeling you're getting.

I'm a self proclaimed PS3 'fanboy' (as in I own a playstation and probably wouldn't buy a 360 game even if it looked good primarily because I dislike the brand) however I don't see it being any worse, there's a share of 360 fanboys trolling articles. Less admittedly but that follows the trend with there being overall, less 360 support on N4G.
madpuppy  +   1787d ago
This is the way N4g is,
"I'm sick and tired of all of you XBOX fanboys going onto Playstation announcements and just hating, if you don't like Sony or the Playstation then go away. You don't see all of your Xbox news being trolled by Playstation fansboys, and you know why. It's because they have class and respect for their competition, but you Xbox fanboys have no respect and whine all day long about new Playstation news. You all are sad and pathetic."

And this is what a whiny Playstation fanboy says when it is the other way around. there is NO SUCH THING AS A CLASSY FANBOY you obvious Xbox fanboy.

If you don't like the heat go to a 360 only news site. then you don't have to deal with it, man... sheesh!!
Belasco  +   1787d ago
Agreed, this back and forth between MS and Sony fanboys has gotten boring. It was cute in 05-06 but lets move on, shall we?
asyouburn  +   1787d ago
its OK to like xbox, but think natal is shit.
CJJA  +   1787d ago
i like PS3 more. but w.e system you like its ok. and natal, is SHIT. gimmicky cheap. some people are to blind to see that
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