Criterion’s NFS reveal in T-minus 3 days

TVGB: "Burnout developer Criterion Games has slapped a big fat countdown clock on its website today, most likely for the reveal of their upcoming Need for Speed game."

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LumpsRGood3106d ago

Countdown clocks? Really? Wish they would just show it product.

TROLL EATER3106d ago

yes criterion will reboot the NFS series properly. WIV crazy damage models hopefully

morkendo3106d ago

I seriously hope CRITERIONS NFS be much,much better than UNDERGROUND 2, MOSTWANTED,CARBON,PROSTREETS,U NDERCOVER AND SHIFT those 6 games sucked monkey balls big time!! so its best for them to go back to classic NFS that made NFS what it is. country landscape roads exotic cars and COPS CHASE !!!
no free roaming and open world crap.

Halochampian3106d ago

Love Criterion games. Can't wait to see it.

WildArmed3106d ago

Love Criterion Games.
Love Disturbed.. esp. Indestructible Album
Love Burnout Paradise.
Love NFS:MW.

Now mix it all up! (ok maybe not disturbed, but u get the point!)

Halochampian3106d ago

Haha. I wouldn't mind hearing a little Disturbed in there.

Enigma_20993106d ago

... but then I remember that BLUR demo... suddenly I don't know WHAT to think...

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