7 Girls You've Dated And Their Videogame Console Equivalents gives a humorous run-down of seven girls you have dated and their video game console equivalents. Have you dated a PlayStation or Virtual Boy?

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movements3106d ago

Darn, that's a hard title to decipher.

qface643106d ago

what is this?
i clicked because of the picture in the thumbnail where were the pictures

Hideo_Kojima3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

yeah its a very common tactic on n4g :P
the article is still a fun read though

ryhanon3106d ago


^ That's you. It's ok, we still love you.

Christopher3106d ago

I'll give it to the author for actually being a bit creative. It wasn't that funny, but it was more interesting the usual fanboy posts we get around here.

Boody-Bandit3106d ago

Me too.

But since I dropped by I ended up reading the article.

dgroundwater3105d ago

> article implies I've dated anyone.

shadow27973105d ago

There are people who have dated 7 girls? Who are these playboys? ;-)

A lot of them were creative, though the one about the PS3 not liking to do many things doesn't seem to fit, in my opinion. Neither does the accessory part, really, unless you're talking about Move and 3D.

ThanatosDMC3105d ago

That picture is damn sexy! I clicked too!

Bobbykotickrulesz3105d ago

:D I thought it was funny.

Apparently 24 other people found my humor tasteless.

presto7173105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I mean WTF. Its not expensive anymore!! And if I had to pick one, i'd say my ex was most like.....the ps3. Only difference is that she was not expensive, just hard. Getting her was so so difficult. But that made succeeding all the more amazing. Kinda reminds me of demons souls.

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HolyOrangeCows3106d ago

"Look, you were young. It was seventh grade, and she had all the things you loved in your old girlfriend, but with more… depth. Hoping for a nostalgia trip, you looked her up recently. Big mistake – how did someone so devastatingly attractive end up looking so ugly? Maybe you should give SNES a call – I hear she’s as cute and fun as ever."

Did they seriously just suggest that the SNES is still as fun as ever but PS1 isn't?

poopface13106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

that most the games on PS1, 3d anyways, look like crap today.

Where as the 2d games on snes still look ok, since they are 2d sprites.

I dont think it has to do with fun. Another example, star fox(early polygons) on snes is almost impossible for me to play today because how it looks and controls. SMW is as playable as ever.

I like the part about the DC the most, "hot tits"

HolyOrangeCows3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

If they still like colorful squares, there's no reason why they can't look past early 3D not looking spectacular.

Besides, they said "cute AND FUN"

EDIT: Pfft, Ps1 games don't look THAT bad.

nnotdead3105d ago

"Ps1 games don't look THAT bad."

they really do. PS1 is my favorite system of all time, but the graphics didn't age well at all. that doesn't take away from the fun of them.

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jjohan353106d ago

I dated a moody girl who would sporadically get emotional and breakdown. Reminds me of my RROD on 360.

ProjectVulcan3105d ago

I'll never get these two minutes back. DAMN YOU!

birchoff3105d ago

Are you referring to the girl on the image and the possibility to get to look at some hot and sweet gaming-girls, but then you wound up with all these text describing none of the above? Have you considered pr0n-sites instead of hanging here? ;) At least then you know you gonna get to see something.

Odin7773105d ago

@ Major Jack Hoff It would have been funnier if you hadn't added the "not including myself" douchebag tactic. You're not fooling anyone. ha ha

fuckitimout3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Socom: Nurse, Super Sandwich Maker, Kitchen Kelly: Revenge of the Waterspots, Tale of a Vacuum, Good Girl: Head 1st, Bossnutts Command, Prego Posse

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dizzleK3106d ago

"Hot. Oh God, she’s so hot. Sometimes you think you could just sit and watch her talk all day. (Which is good, because often you’ll be doing just that.) Sure, she has expensive tastes, and doesn’t really like to do that many different things, and you’ll definitely have to buy her some accessories if you want to make the relationship work, but, um… we mentioned the hot part, right?"

somebody has no effing clue what a ps3 actually is, does or involves.

na-no-nai3106d ago

well to me it sounded more like an xbox 360 lol

edgeofblade3105d ago

My description of an Xbox 360 would sound more like that hot, addictive, too-cool-for-you girl who just can't stand you being so clingy, so she ends it abruptly leaving you waiting for more... until an endless succession of her twins comes in the mail.

I loved this article. I've actually dated the lions share of these types. I ended up marrying a Wii.

NiteX3106d ago

I didn't understand the whole accessories part. The only thing I ever bought extra for my PS3 was another controller. Could someone please explain that part?

wicko3106d ago

I can explain that part. The author has no idea what he's talking about.

Microsoft_Spokesman3106d ago

I think he means the wifi adapter, play and charge kit, hardrive, intercooler etc. .......... oh, wait

huzzaahh3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )



And I agree with wicko.

Coolmanrico3105d ago

I didn't understand it either. The author made the Playstation 3 personality sound so shallow.

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Godmars2903106d ago

So the 360 still escapes the gold digger label. Looks reasonable at first, but needs more green to keep things going. Will end the relationship w/o warning. Meanwhile the PS3 is still the expensive one.

There's a "Does Everything" joke in there, but I wont go there.

Convas3106d ago

LMAO, I see what you did with the "Does Everything" joke ...

The Xbox 360 in this article sounds like my Ex ... cept my real 360's been way more faithful than she ever was.

huzzaahh3106d ago

You know what? The PS3 actually ends up costing less than the 360. The PS3 section of the article didn't really work too well, and the writer should have included an "It only does everything" reference. Oh well, pleasant read.

AuToFiRE3105d ago

The PS3, She only wanted to do everything, but then she only wanted one OS

Godmars2903105d ago

She's gone from being three input, games, movies, other OS, to just two, is what I think you were trying to say... :p

HBK6193105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I think you have it right Godmars.

It should be for the PS3 "She relies on a fair initial outlay but settles well and ends up outperforming most while 'doing everything' if you know what I mean..." or something like that. Where the 360 "starts off really well and everything goes perfectly and you find yourself barely losing a dime to start with, then eventually asks for more and more if you really want to have fun with her..." or something to that extent.

Also I reckon the N64 needs to be in there.

"Unique too look at, but boy could you have some fun with her. Everything just seems to come out golden. And yet, you break it off with her for someone who looks to be the more attractive girlfriend. Yet nothing can ever fulfil that void left. Every time you see a picture you're reminded of how amazing the times you had with her and you just wish you could hold her again."

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Myst3106d ago

Well I love art so I guess the Wii...? Though the writing I must say especially for the Dreamcast was really nice. Got a bit of a chuckle out of this.

sonicsidewinder3106d ago

haha, dreamcast did have awesome boobs