EA's Bright Light Studio Working On A PSN Title Called "Spare Parts"

PushSquare: "EA's Bright Lights studio may be working on the Harry Potter games at present, but they've also got another title in the pipeline -- a PSN release called Spare Parts. The game's based around the concept of robots working together to rebuild their space-ship.

The game's a co-operative "online action adventure" title, where players will choose from either Mar-T (geddit?) or Chip. You'll be able to collect "upgradable action parts" to enhance their abilities.

It sounds a lot like the Mega Drive title Toe Jam & Earl, which was amazing if you didn't play it. No screens or details yet, but EA are set to showcase the title at E3 so expect more there."

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sinncross3108d ago

A PSN exclusive from EA?
haha cool. I'd like to see the gameplay at E3: sounds like it has potential.

killyourfm3108d ago

This is actually for PSN and XBLA. Screenshots and new information here: