Mass Effect 2 Demo And New DLC Soon

Ironstar: My personal favorite game of the year thus far, Mass Effect 2, will be receiving a demo relatively soon on Xbox 360.

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Umbrella Corp3108d ago

This demo will make many gamers who have not purchased ME2 yet will,truly a masterpiece.

WildArmed3108d ago

But I doubt they'll be able to capture the essence of ME2 in such a small demo!
The scale of this game is too big to be limited to a demo! D:

TheXgamerLive3108d ago


I can't wait for other games to challenge this title in my mind.

Mass Effect 2 was incredible, beautiful, epic story , and hella fun:)

Boy30003108d ago

Yeah my game of this gen.

97gsx3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

JOKE START Maybe the demo will be the awesome planet mining. JOKE END

Mista T3108d ago

lol that was the game's only downfall, amazing game though

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Myst3108d ago

I will never understand why a demo would be released months after the game has...Oh well new DLC awesome. Need to get a points card when it comes out and buy that as well as the previous ones.

WildArmed3108d ago

From what I understand that they did not have the resources (money or man power) to allocate to demo-creating during development of the game itself.
I've read that this is the problem for alot of games that they want to release a demo for, but cant do it in a timely manner.

Myst3108d ago

Ah, if that is the case then one certainly can't really blame them to much I suppose. Shame though that one has to wait or go to the option of renting, especially being that some stores won't carry a lot of copies.

Either way the game is relatively cheap now anyways [except if you go to Toys R US. -- To which they still have MGS4 for 59.99 somehow.]

Boy30003108d ago

I thinks to push sales a bit more.

outrageous3107d ago

The game has not met sales expectations. It has sold well but EA wants 5 million on every game sold these days. Maybe they are right.

The game is a hybrid that has NOT been explained and marketed correctly. I think you will see a lot of the gun play mechanic in the demo. People still think it's only a RPG. It's a lot more than that, the demo, they hope will show that. Mass Effect 3 will have multi-player next time around. That should be interesting. Rumor is that E3 will have a Mass Effect 3 announcement.

The only question I have about EA and the demo. Do you have to pay? Do you have to become a shareholder at EA to play it?

NYC_Gamer3108d ago

every 360 owner should buy this game...

Captain Tuttle3108d ago

Great game, lot's of fun. Very compelling.

The BS Police3108d ago

So far I really think Mass Effect could be the greatest trilogy in video game history... and the third entry isn't even out yet.

TheGameFoxJTV3108d ago

PC gamers too. I played it on PC since it looks much better on here than my 360. Plus it's cheaper on PC. lmao

maniacmayhem3108d ago

Hands down one of the best games to come out this year.
I did not want it to end and when it did i was pissed!

Can't wait for part 3!

poopface13108d ago

a demo will be great for people and I cant wait to see what the DLC is. I hope its a big one.

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