Will Sony be releasing a PS3 3d add on kit for your standard HDTV at E3?

So with all the hype is Sony really expecting everyone to jump up run to the store and buy a new 3d HDTV? Maybe Sony has other plans coming to non 3d HDTV owners. According to sources all 120 fps and down Tv's can run 3d like the Nvidia 3d add on system. If Sony was smart, they most certainly would want to make a strong 3d future. After all back in March 2010 they announced a 3d glasses set with emitter for $133.00. Who's to say it won't work with PS3? They did say movies will not work on PS3 till 2011 right? Maybe that is the agreement with other manufacturer's to ensure the technology makes it to all of our homes.

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Darkstorn3107d ago

Interesting. I too thought Sony said that 120hz TVs could run 3D, but an add-on pack could save a lot of time and money.

I'm intrigued, even though I have no idea how the technology would work.

nix3107d ago

oh.. how i wish. then i don't have to wait for 3 years to buy a 3D-TV.

InfectedDK3107d ago

I totally agree..
My SONY TV is awesome right now..!
I Don't wanna buy a new one for the technology in the coming years.

captain-obvious3107d ago

if this is true then im buyin it

Blacktric3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I'm totally broke right now, so I won't be buying any TV's for 4-5 years probably. So let's hope that it is true.

shoddy3107d ago

one step closer to 3D.

qface643107d ago

that is true but that is exactly why i don't believe this yet

why do this now would this not just get in the way of their plans to really push 3d tv's?

InfectedDK3107d ago

I dont think so.
When people need a new TV in the coming years they will choose a 3D TV anyway.. And that is enough said.. There's no reason for pushing it..

qface643107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

that is not true when people need a new tv in the coming years they will get what is already much much more cheaper and mainstream HDTV's if not the growing LED tv's

bluray wouldn't be where it is now if sony didn't push it the way they did
the average consumer doesn't have much to gain from going to a 3dtv
so sony would need to push 3dtv's as they said they plan on doing

hazelamy3107d ago

one possibility is using a pair of glasses that have lcd shutters.
that alternately open and close over each eye, synch that with the image on the tv, there are a few ways that could be done, either a sensor that attaches to the tv and detects a special signal in the corner of the picture that tells it which lens to block, or it could attach to the ps3 via usb and the timing comes from that.
whichever way it gets the timing, it works by blocking your vision in your right eye when the image meant for your left eye is displayed, and block the left eye when the right image is showing.
if it's done fast enough you shouldn't be able to detect much flicker, early systems like this were slower and tended to give people headaches.
that's the only way i could see them providing a 3d experience for current non 3dtvs, though the glassess will be much more expensive this way then the polarised light system used by the 3d tvs.

fr0sty3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

that's what all 3dtv's use. the problem is, if you are not sending out 120fps, which 90% of our tv's cannot, you only get 30fps per eye. this leaves a visible flicker that can cause headaches and eye strain.

motionflow 120hz and up tv's, even if not 3d, would help with that however.

BABY-JEDI3106d ago

But this approach to 3D sounds like EYE STRAIN central with headaches included. I really want A 3D TV but only when the tech is proven reliable with no side effects.

XXXRATED3106d ago

Polarized are a few years away is still only tvs out now r shutter tvs they work great with no issues

duplissi3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

dont worry the 3d isnt all that advanced.... its not like the tv is making things 3d.... no the source is either recorded with a right and left perspective or with games the system is rendering a right and left perspective. its all being displayed at twice the speed of the 2d equivalent hence the 120hz, so in reality all thats going on is that the glasses are synchronized with the tv to shut off the opposite eye thats being shown. so since this is too fast for most to see you get the illusion of 3d when in reality its just alternating (albeit fast) a right and left image.

so this leaves us with..... WHY THE FUCK DOES IT COST SO DAMN MUCH?

kneon3106d ago

Because they are only putting it in the higher end TVs. 3D ready TV's have been sold for several years already with no price premium, but they were missing the transmitter and didn't come with glasses. 3D TVs are currently priced for the early adopter, which makes sense as there isn't all that much in the way of content.

I expect the prices to drop quite a lot over the next 2 years. Within a couple years all TVs will be 3D capable. And hopefully the price of the glasses will be more reasonable by then as I know they can be had for as little as $30.

talltony3106d ago

with this very thought in mind. Hopefully they can give some kind a 3d effect with certain tvs.

NexGen3106d ago

I have a Samsung 1080p led projection tv. If you look online, you will see that I can buy a 3d kit for this tv that includes a few different types of glasses choices, etc. Is this the same 3d stuff that Sony is pushing? I mean, if I get this 3d add on package, will it work on the ps3 and movies later?

I think you have to route the add on kit for samsung 3d through a computer for 3d processing which sounds to me like only computer games would get the 3d effect....I have no idea with the spam of 3d offerings coming out

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Keele3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I don't like 3D like I don't like digital distribution.

dizzleK3107d ago

that would be awesome if they did, i'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Doc Sony3107d ago

120 fps and down or 120 Hz and up ?

I'm confused

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