Another hint pointing to GoldenEye’s revival

Another piece of evidence is pointing to the GoldenEye revival as being true.

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Valay2992d ago

This pretty much seems confirmed now. I'd be shocked if there wasn't an announcement at E3.

gameseveryday2992d ago

Even Eurogamer said this was real so you know it's going to happen

PhilipLarkin2992d ago

I really just hope for an HD remake, nothing more added.

sinncross2992d ago

I'd like HD versions as well

BattleAxe2992d ago

The article said its supposed to be for the DS.......What a waste. China Town Wars(GTA) proved that hardcore games don't sell on the DS.

skare132992d ago

how well it sold for psp
if you knew that, you wouldn't talk about the sells of the ds game

Seferoth752992d ago

Yeah that million seller proved a lot.

Also proved that GTA belongs on the DS and not the PSP since the sales of the PSP version were nowhere near the DS version.

redDevil872992d ago

This might be RARE's big NATAL game

Imperator2992d ago

No, Nintendo still owns Goldeneye. If it's getting remade, it'll be for the Wii. It won't be a Rare remake.

redDevil872992d ago

Oh yeah i forgot about that, thanks

LtSkittles2992d ago

Also it says 'wii, and ds.'

BattleAxe2992d ago

Try reading the article.

ozstar2992d ago

Why would he do that?

MGRogue20172992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Goldeneye = LEGENDARY

Both the video game & movie :)

WildArmed2991d ago

Pearce Bronson has that effect lol ^^

+1 bubbles + agree

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