E3 2010: PSP Game Line-Up

This article contains and daily updated list of all PSP, PSP minis and PSN titles presented at E3.

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Schneestern2957d ago

looking forward to kingdom hearts : )

iamtehpwn2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

The 3rd Birthday just got confirmed to be shown. It was not known before this. Now look at this:

If you look under Square Enix, Versus XIII is listed, As well as the third birthday, which just got confirmed.

Food for thought.

deno2956d ago

I have my fingers crossed, hopefully we will be surprised.

firelogic2956d ago

What's going on with the RE game announced last year?

Blaze9292956d ago

That's exactly what I want to know. I hope Capcom doesn't treat this like they did DMC PSP and wait years before saying it's canceled.

BlackIceJoe2956d ago

I hope it gets shown. Resident Evil would be great on the PSP. I also would like to see Capcom also bring back from death the Devil May Cry PSP version.

portablegaming2956d ago

It's a good questions with RE Portable. Hope they are still developing it.

Keele2956d ago

PSP - It's only good for portable emulation!

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