Resurgence Package: Best DLC In COD History

GameZone writes,

"Better than the Stimulus Package, the Resurgence Package is a resounding success."

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dangert122933d ago

i don't remember cod ever having dlc worth bragging about and no matter how good it is those 5 maps are not worth £10
minor anyway not like i have the game

STICKzophrenic2933d ago

LOL, ONE map (Carnival) makes this the best DLC. That's pretty pathetic.

Thanks, but just like the map pack for CoD4 and the Stimulus Map Pack, I'll pass on this one as well.


caffman2933d ago

do you have a choice TO buy it? You know its on xbox dont you?

Caspel2933d ago

Activision needs to give one pack away for free soon. Throw the fans a bone and maybe they'll go further and buy other maps.

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