Sony: Microsoft Will “Have To” Embrace 3D Gaming

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire has told us that 3D gaming is a natural evolution for the medium and one which the company’s rivals would be unwise to ignore.

At an event to mark the rollout of PS3’s first stereoscopic 3D games today, we asked Maguire whether he expected Microsoft to embrace 3D gaming on Xbox 360.

“I would say that they have to. Whether they can is a different matter, but of course everyone will have to get into 3D because it’s the natural way of viewing the world. So why would you stay in a 2D world if you have the ability to do 3D? We have the ability to do 3D right now with the devices consumers already have in their living rooms.”

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dangert123106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Microsoft do not have to do anything
and to be fair i don't think 3d gaming will have to much impact on this gen i can just about afford a hd screen
a saw a hd tv in the paper the overday 40 inch and it cost just abit less then my rent per year lol
i was like woah defo next gen for me

a 3d in the paper sorry not a hd lol

Dramscus3106d ago

can get an HDTV for about a grand give or take depending on quality and preferences.
That's really not too bad at all tbh. I make minimum wage and I bought one a year and a half ago. only 32 inch 1080p but still.
3DTV's are quite expensive now but the prices on them are dropping quicker than they did on hdtv's.
We should have glasses free 3D by 2014 or so and then the whole thing will really take off.
The ps3 will still be kicking around till then probably till 2016.
Ps3 has to go 3d, it's already in the next gen compared to the other systems out.
Ps3 will keep getting cheaper, the other companies will release now consoles and the ps3 will still be around for another few years, not just keeping up but being amazing.

deadreckoning6663106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

"Microsoft Will “Have To” Embrace 3D Gaming"

Ummm no...just NO. As far as I can tell, 360 games are very happy playing in 2D, heck they don't mind playing games that are in sub-hd! This isn't a diss to 360 gamers, I'm just saying it the way it is. RDR isn't in full HD on the PS3 and IMO it looks fantastic.

As a matter of fact, I have 360 owning friends that STILL don't have HDTVs! Why would they care for 3D?

WildArmed3106d ago

Just to be fair, they have to say that.
Just like they have had been screaming MS will have to embrace blu-ray eventually.

But as it's not a very financially plausible feature atm for most gamers.
but it's a feature I'd love to have, so when (if ever) i have alot of spare money, it's going into a 3d HDTV.
I hate you all who already own a 3d hdtv! ;) (jk)

Christopher3106d ago

Microsoft doesn't need to do do much of anything for at least 5 years. People will enjoy 2D games just as much as they do 3D games if they're good games. That's like saying Nintendo had to go HD this gen... well... look where ignoring that premise got them in the handheld and console market.

***but of course everyone will have to get into 3D because it’s the natural way of viewing the world.***

Not for all of us, bub. Thanks for rubbing it in.

webeblazing3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

i think theyre saying they will have embace it cause technology is moving foward. they or you or anybody dont have to do anying. like you said you got friends without hdtv, i do to alot of them, but if they got a console it would be good if when i do upgrade it will be there for me (just like the blu ray). theyre wrong tho the main thing we learn from MS this gen is they dont need to do anything. if the next gen xbox is just the same with an update gpu and more ram and every nic n dime acc. rrod the same company with no ambition to make games ill bet they fanbase wont care

sikbeta3106d ago


But man, Blu-Ray was The Next Step and Everyone Follows, This Time 3D is here supported and Pushed by Big industries, so it'll be the Next Step and Everyone will Follow as we saw with other Mainstream "Technologies"...

And it's not like you need to go buy a 3DTV Now, These Thing will be there waiting for ya... :)

Alcon Caper3106d ago

According to the article, he says we already have the technology in our living rooms...

What technology? the ps3? while some of us have p3s none of us have 3D tvs and glasses.

Why would anyone buy a 3d tv right now? the only hd 3d movie on the market is monsters vs aliens. the next ONE will come out on the 22nd: cloudy with a chance of meatballs. are we really going to goo out and buy these things when there are absolutely no hd 3d movies on the market?

Sony is absolutely pushing this tech, but unlike bluray, this technology has yet to be actually supported.

but if they wanna waste commercial money to push a product that you can do nothing with, by all means...

edgeofblade3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

This is why I question the need for 3D. Instead of pushing the boundaries of potential, it's about time we dedicated more development resources to using that untapped potential to actually make new games.

3D is the future... of selling TV's. Not of actual content I want to play.

And let's be frank: Sony is pushing 3D because they also make TV's. That's it. I'm all for Sony and their entrepreneurial spirit, but there is no reason Microsoft should be rushing to accommodate.

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blue7xx73106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Yeah I agree with the person above I don't understand why Sony is pushing 3D so hard on the gaming industry. When hardly anyone has a TV that is capable of 3D people are just barely starting to embrace HDTV I just recently bought an HDTV myself a few months ago.

So I don't think people are going to start buying 3DTV's that cost $3000 plus anytime soon maybe in 10 years or so when prices drop a little for them.

@Dramscus I know HDTV are cheap now they are around the $700 mark for full 1080P but I am talking about 3DTV's which are pretty expensive I went to best buy and saw a few and most where around $2000-$3000 price.

@below Well that does make sense that they are thinking long term.

Dramscus3106d ago

hdtv's only came out three or four years ago and their already quite cheap. We won't have to wait ten years.

Redgehammer3106d ago

HD Televisions hit the market as early as 1998.

DaTruth3106d ago

The technology for HDTV's was quite different than SDTV's, while the technology behind 3DTV's is exactly the same as HDTV's so the parts are just as cheap!

There is not even a real reason why they should cost more now except to rip off the early adopters who will pay it!

NYC_Gamer3106d ago

because 3D is the big mainstream hollywood trend right now...

Shang-Long3106d ago

not only a big trend, but sony is thinking long term

3d gaming means more 3d movies
also, i think there trying to set up the ps4 to be 3d equipped out of the box.

Omega43106d ago

"We have the ability to do 3D right now with the devices consumers already have in their living rooms" Really!? How many gamers have 3DTVs? Next to none most likely.

Movies in 3D is one thing, gaming in 3D is completely different. The glasses get extremely fiddly after an hour of watching a movie, imaging playing an online game for hours on end, you would go crazy plus taking your hand of the controller could be instant death.

Sony is only doing this to sell their TVs games won't benefit from 3D until you don't need to wear glasses, hence the 3DS.

WildArmed3106d ago

lol the number may not be in millions, but i'm pretty sure it's nowhere near 'none'.

Boy30003106d ago

I bought my hdtv a year ago for about 1000$. I plan on keeping it a couple of years before buying a new one just to play in HD lol.

TrailerParkSupervisr3106d ago

I picked up a 60" Mitsibushi DLP, 1080p, 3-D Ready TV for 1500.00...A YEAR AGO.

Boy30003106d ago

Almost never even heard about 3D before Avatar cam out, that is about a year ago. So congrats if you bought a 3D ready TV when hardly nobody was even talking about.

I bought a 50 inch, 1080p, 100hz tv for like 900$.

WildArmed3106d ago

Lucky you.
I really hadn't payed much attention to 3d hdtvs since GDC '10.

So even if i would have bought my hdtv a year ago (which i didn't, bought one in '07), I would have done the same as boy3000.

NecrumSlavery3106d ago

Current TV 3D isn't the same as Sony's 3D. Real D isn't like red/blue 3D.
I'm under the impression that the 360 can't utilize HDMI 1.4 which is what 3D will require

edgeofblade3106d ago

HDMI 1.4 requires a new chip, as I understand it, but I'm not sure if Microsoft could support that in software. I think there is a good chance they can.

This also raises the question of how the PS3 could support HDMI 1.4 if it was made before the standard was adopted...

DaTruth3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

PS3 is the shit, that's how!

360 only supports 1.2 HDMI while PS3 supports 1.3 HDMI. For whatever reason 1.3 with a firmware update is convertible.

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