What’s in store for PC gamers this E3, we take a look

Gamersmint Writes : The PC platform hasn’t been getting its share of big name exclusives lately. Though it is slightly on the decline, it’s far from being dead. Some huge exclusives like Starcraft II, Civilization V, Shogun 2 Total War, The Old Republic and many more keep the platform alive...

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NumeroUno2937d ago

I'm not a huge MMORPG gamer but I'm really looking forward to the Old Republic.

pangitkqb2936d ago

Of the predictions made in the article, an Elder Scrolls V announcement would shoot me into gaming Nirvana. I've sunk HUNDREDS of hours into Oblivion and I'm STILL playing, particularly w/mods these days. That game just keeps going.

Starcraft II is gonna blow my mind as well.

Drac2936d ago

Title say's it, I get a few of the xbox/PC titles for my PC (ME2) but mostly I use it for my MMO fix now. Everything else I get for my PS3.

But I'll be getting at least Starcraft II and Civilization V as non-MMO's for it, Just nice to have the option I think :)

gryfindor12937d ago

I can understand why there's no Diablo 3...but seriously...this list leaves out Starcraft 2? Why? The beta is done...there is tonnes of info out on the I cannot fathom why StarCraft 2 was left out...It is quite obviously the biggest of anything else listed on the list.

cyborg2937d ago

Well, Blizzard does not show much on E3. They have their own Blizzcon event and that's where they reveal more about their games and hence we didn't include them. We did mention it on our article though.

gryfindor12937d ago

The article is fine...its a pretty good list. But still, Blizzcon does not justify the absence of Starcraft 2...for gods sake...its almost the national sport of Korea. People's lives depend on it.

Raf1k12936d ago

The article is talking about E3 though and since Blizzard won't be there it makes sense to not include Starcraft 2 though it would be nice to have mentioned it.

Karooo2937d ago

gonna be phenomenal on PC

grasshopperboy2937d ago

anyway, i hope id returns to their roots with rage

ApexHell2936d ago

vindictus from nexon looks great cant wait to see more of this free 2 play mmo

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The story is too old to be commented.