Motorstorm 3 dev: 'Racing genre is stuck in a rut'

The racing genre has had "a disappointing few years", according to Motorstorm Apocalypse's assistant game director, Simon Barlow.

According to Barlow, more and more people are moving to action and FPS games instead of racing.

"The racing genre has had a disappointing few years," Barlow told CVG.

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dangert123108d ago

i think it has improved i did't like racing games until i played 'RACE DRIVER GRID' then i played 'FORZA3' and can't wait for GT 5
what i think he should of said is 'Need for speed is stuck in a rut' lol

marinelife93108d ago

Motorstorm needs to stick you inside the cockpit and behind the handle bars. I want to see that massive rig and monster truck looming over me as I try to split the canyon on my ATV.

mrv3213108d ago

I'd like Shift style stuff, where if you get hit your head will move as will your camera, going over bumps/jumps you'll shake etc.

yess3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Even though Motorstorm have a lot of damage, i would love to see a proper Destruction Derby.

WildArmed3108d ago

Only two racing games I've played and loved are:
NFS:MW (no duh)
Burnout Paradise.

The rest haven't really stuck to me (including motorstorm)
I buy a racing game with hope, not of sheer excitement.
hopefully in 2011, i can say that Motor storm 3 is apart of the short list of my beloved racing games.

Hallucinate3108d ago

need for speed: modern warfare?

WildArmed3108d ago

lol no no no.
I'd have to shoot myself if that was the case my friend!

Most Wanted..
Need for Speed: Most Wanted ^^

+bubbs for the laughs though

AAACE53108d ago

In my opinion, games go bad when you lack creativity and stick with the tried and true! A lot of games fail to make the evolution it is suppose to and the developers don't have a clue what to do next!

I would give my answer to what could breathe new life into the racing genre, but I can't risk someone on here capitalizing on my ideas. I'll pitch it to someone though...

Cevapi883108d ago

what would make the racing genre exciting for me is if it incorporated a story element in their games....imagine in GT5 being able to create your own driver...start off driving in small races and building up your rep and credits, and then driving on some of the hardest and most famous courses around the world as you keep getting better....some people might not like why not make it optional

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Convas3108d ago

Blur, Split/Second: Velocity, Burnout say "HI". How can they say this after these two games have JUST come out?

CR-Y-SIS3108d ago

Only GT5 and MotorStorm series are the definite racing games.

Convas3108d ago

Who is talking about "Definitive" racing, moron? Your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired. The Dev clearly states that the "Racing genre is stuck in a rut". Nowhere did it or I say anything about "definitive" racers or racing.

Take your fanboyism somewhere else.

bioshock12213108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I know right what is this guy talking about. The racing game hasn't been stuck in a rut. So many great racing games have been released almost to many. Forza 3, Split/second, Blur, Project Gotham 4, Burnout, Need for Speed shift and soon Gran Turismo 5.

This guy doesn't know what stuck in a rut means go look at the JRPG genre now that is a genre that is truly stuck in a rut.

PandaJenkins3108d ago

I think he was more implying that racing game sales have not been as high as expected due to everyone becoming obsessed with fps and action games over the past few years. There has been tons of great racers this gen though and plenty more still to come.

Blaze9293108d ago

Fully agree. I can't believe this guy can say such things. And this is the part that gets me the most about their upcoming game:

"The city will be constantly ripping apart during races and paths will open up or be cut off forcing players to think fast and use different routes through the course. "

So for a genre that's been stuck in a rut - is that why they just completely took Black Rock Studio's innovation with Split/Second?

Greywulf3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

That they werent working on M3 at the same time m2 was being made, had no ideas... so then they stole them from black rock?


The scale of Motostorm speask for itself, as does its immersion, and lets guess whats going to have better physics/explosions/more players as well...

well no, lets not guess... M3 will.

Convas3108d ago

For a guy who hasn't seen ANY M3 gameplay, you seem rather sure of it's immersion factor Greywulf. Best you wait before you say what M3 does and doesn't do better than Split/Second.

STK0263108d ago

actually, Evolution does mention that other developers have realized this in the past 12-18 months, therefor acknowledging Blur and split/second. The guy in this interview didnt, but another spokesperson did in a similar interview on IGN.

Mista T3108d ago

the last good Burnout was Takedown in my opinion

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Mr Tretton3108d ago

Motorstorm PR has been my favorite this gen. Another smart investment by Sony, buying Evolution Studios.

Xi3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

each sub genre of racing games seems to be set in their ways, and the same games always get the spotlight.

sim - gt/gtr/forza
arcade - burnout/pgr(not recently though)/motorstorm
kart - mario kart

the few other titles that come out rarely make a dent in the market and none really innovate or push the envelope.

I think my favorite racing game overall still has to be porsche unleashed. Not because the graphics or quality of gameplay, but just for the career mode and shear number of gametypes. Test drives, deliveries, tricks/commercial challenges, circut races, point to point races. You actually felt like you had a career when playing the career mode.

I'd love to see more racing games also adopt the trackmania/revolt map editor tools like we see modnation racers, even for a sim game. Allowing players to create custom gametypes and maps lead to a lot of extended replay.

silkrevolver3108d ago

The only racing games that can get me excited anymore are Mario Karts... but that’s a kart racer, and the newest one was “meh.” Motorstorm 3, however, looks sick.

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