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Study: Purchase Intent For PlayStation Move, Natal Below 10 Percent

Sony's PlayStation Move and Xbox 360's Project Natal motion control solutions have been garnering a lot of the spotlight from core gamers and the press, but a new study reflects currently low purchase intent for the new devices.

Research firm OTX's U.S. tracking study GamePlan Insights polled a group of 2,000 gamers between May 23 and June 5, 2010, and found that 8 percent of the Xbox 360 market intends to buy Natal, and 6 percent of the PlayStation 3 market intends to purchase Move.

Of the people that are already planning on buying Natal and Move, 25 percent plan to preorder the controllers. (Playstation Move, Project Natal, PS3, Xbox 360)

movements  +   1597d ago
I'm not surprised. Plus, I'm not part of that, say, 9 percent? Yeah, fail motion tech trying to change gaming into exercise is fail.
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Iamback  +   1597d ago
those % will change after E3, for better or worse, we shall see
blue7xx7  +   1597d ago
Agree we haven't seen much from both so after E3 people will be more decisive as to which one they will get. Plus once both MS and Sony start marketing both of these motion controllers to the masses who don't know that Natal and Move exist right now I'm sure it will be higher.
iHEARTboobs  +   1597d ago
I agree with lamback. People still don't know much about them to form any real opinion.
Qui-Gon Jim  +   1597d ago
Only about 15% were even aware that they exist.
Of those people, about half of them intend to buy them. Since it is mostly the die-hard fans that know about them right now, they won't have a 50% attach rate at the end of the day, but 9% isn't accurate, either.
Tone  +   1597d ago
Remember we know all about E3.. but millions do not. Time will tell tho!
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1597d ago
That is pretty good number considering 15% are aware and around 6-8% is considering the purchase. What happens when 80% is aware? The other thing is they are polling only gamers, what about the non-gamers they are trying to attract?

Furthermore MS numbers are really strong, seeing how they actually hasn't showed jack squat!!!

Sony numbers are very impressive as well seeing how it is basically in most consumers mind (wetter it is or not is irrelevant) is a Wii superior advanced clone.
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chulonyc  +   1597d ago
These stats
Mean absolutely nothing based on 2,000 gamers lol you need a bigger base than that to survey to even get close to what the numbers might really reflect in the end. I for one am not one of those 2,000 and will definitely be buying the move thats a given.
deadreckoning666  +   1597d ago
Maybe u need to take a stats class :P Those numbers look pretty good to me.
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iceman2929  +   1597d ago
the power of...
statistics is amazing. 2000 gamers is quite a decent sample size.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1597d ago
Two thousand participants is a statistically representable sample.

This is a great opportunity to get some basic statistics skills while you research this.
Heartnet  +   1597d ago
Yeh im buying The Move lol.. Just cuz i want it for my collection of awesome tech xD and its compatitible with a Zipper game so :P
TheTwelve  +   1597d ago
Only that new fighting game appeals to me on MOVE...we'll see.

D4RkNIKON  +   1597d ago
it's in 3D too, with 3D motion sensing controllers! Can't wait to see how that feels to play.
trounbyfire  +   1597d ago
just like FF13 would sell more on the 360
seriously the "studies" are useless.
Ether  +   1597d ago
Not surprised. At all.
Jeff257  +   1597d ago
I definitely plan on supporting Move. Im just waiting to see what bundles they have. For me its about how they bundle the games and controls and at what price.

I got a disagree? Seriously how can you disagree with a personal opinion?
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Optical_Matrix  +   1597d ago
Considering the fact that the Xbox 360 and PS3 install bases are 40 million and 35 million respectively, this study is flawed. They need to study a wider demographic.
Even then I don't think the percentage will be that much higher. I know few people that plan on purchasing Natal (most are for hype alone) and 0 people purchasing Move. The last month Sony have revealed a new exclusive every week, keep that going into E3 and I couldn't give a shit about motion controls. I just want my games.
koehler83  +   1597d ago
That's because they don't know what they're purchasing yet. They need to see the games. The real games. Not to mention the cost.

Why don't you find out what the purchase intent is for Respawns next property and see if any stark similarities emerge? Or even Agent for that matter.
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USEYOURFIST  +   1597d ago
i will also be getting move for the games
and to direct planes in am emergency as it only does everthing
Omega4  +   1597d ago
Wow Natal is a higher percent than Move and not much has been shown for it compared to Move, Sony must really be worried.
Pillville  +   1597d ago
Natal has been on Jimmy Fallon and Smallville. Two current broadcast shows, and still no one cares.

Not saying that Move will do any better, I'm just pointing out that you're a bad troll.
Qui-Gon Jim  +   1597d ago
Or you could look at it this way:
The article says that the Natal "intenders" are the XBox 360 "purists." Meaning that Natal is not attracting new consumers yet, while Move is more likely to drive new console sales.

Honestly, though, I would like to see this study AFTER E3 or even a few months from now, when more people outside the enthusiasts are aware of both.
Greysturm  +   1597d ago
I am gonna sound like a fanboy but...
Microsoft should be worried a lot more as they are hinging natal as a relaunch of the xbox as if only 10 percent of current owners think of getting it, all the development resources that were inverted in natal are most likely not gonna present a return of investment and we are talking big money here as shown by the E3 Natal presentation with a budget that includes Circ du soleil.

Sony should be worried too however i think they are expecting eyetoy numbers more than anything else.
Xi  +   1597d ago
it's ~8% of the 15% of gamers(this includes ps3 and wii only owners as well, which may skew the results further) aware of the product. On an unofficial pole, and I don't about you, but the internet is not known for having the most accurate polls.
claterz  +   1597d ago
Not really, it shows that people are going to buy Natal based on what they have been promised from MS. Where as people are going to buy Move from what they have seen already. Do you think those people will buy Natal if MS continue not to show any games? I doubt it.
chulonyc  +   1597d ago
i did takes stats
By the way because my major was Forensics but i see there always has to be a smart a$$ little bird on these forums lol Trust me move will sell the same way the PS3 has sold.
labwarrior  +   1597d ago
I wont buy any of them until i see some worthwhile games using it
Fable 3 is the first i will go for
Mike134nl  +   1597d ago
That aren't high numbers, but considering neither one of the companies has really started promoting their motion controller the number might increase, as the consumer awareness of said products increases.
thebudgetgamer  +   1597d ago
hell yea, online polls. FTW!
never_waste_a_bullet  +   1597d ago
i dont see what people see in natal, not because im a fanboy but really how much fun can you have waving your arms around in front of the tube. move atleast you know it works and you can play (core) games just sitting back in a chair as showed in the socom demo.. that and the fact that theyve only shown a stupid game that takes you back to the 4th grade
Tony-A  +   1597d ago
1. Not surprising

2. 2,000 Gamers... as in people currently playing games? As in those who play games as a hobby?

3. None have been marketed.
Xi  +   1597d ago
so 15% of xbox owners are aware of natal and purchase intent is ~8%.

So what happens if MS markets natal and product awareness jumps to 80% wouldn't that mean about 45% would plan on purchasing natal?

The same argument applies to move as well.

Seems like the results are slightly flawed.
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labwarrior  +   1597d ago
Well, Natal at least is hands free and an all around solution fr game immersion
And Sony Move motes look 100x more redicoulous to wave than just move your hands

Also Natal is precise enough to use slower and smaller movements than what is shown in the videos

Depends on the game too a lot

If you cant see what people see in Natal, that is an all around hands free solution to immerse you in the game with world interaction to thenext level (hands free object interaction, had tracking, full body tracking etc etc)

then i dont see what people see in Move 1000 times more, because all i see is another Wii mote, and is 1000x less effective or important than Natal
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thebudgetgamer  +   1597d ago
i love it use numbers in their argument that don't actually represent anything.
because my love of plants is 27.786% more then yours.
jack_burt0n  +   1597d ago
move is the price of a game it will sell for sure.
BillOreilly  +   1597d ago
i want natal because i see the potential imagine modern warfare as a squad based game with voice command to the squad and real aiming and grenade throwing but i wont buy until i see that it will get the support of real games although i might get it anyway so that my girlfriend and me can play (if she likes games i get to play a lot more, i got her into ff7 on psp so i could get through ff13 hahaha...)

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