Forza 3 Sales Are GT-Like, Sells Roughly 4 Million Copies Worldwide Since Launch

Forza 3 came out just last year, and if a Turn 10 dev is to be believed, the game is doing mighty fine in the sales department.

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alaa3026d ago

Good showing from Turn-10. But GT has sold alot more copies... Although one could argue that GT prologue sold about 4 million.....

But whatever... Good showing in any case

dangert123026d ago

may not sell like a GT game but it is great and defo better then past GT games but i don't think it has anything on 5 buy the looks of it not a damn thing

FlipMode3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The numbers in the article are wrong, GT5P sold close to 5 mil not 3.

StanLee3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The article is a joke regardless. Calling the sales of any Forza game GT-Like is a joke. And Forza 3 has sold no where near 4 million. They have no source and the developer referenced in the article themselves said it hasn't sold near 4 million copies. Who approved this article?

poopface13026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

thats still some GREAT sales considering that there are ALOT of racing games on 360 already. like forza 2 and PGR and all the multiplat ones too.

4 million is Pretty good sales for a racing game.

lelo2play3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

It would interesting to see the real sales numbers for those games, since Forza and Gran Turismo were heavily bundled with their respective consoles. They should provide sales numbers directly to the consumer, and not fake numbers that include bundles.

With a bundle a game is offered with the console... not bought.

Imperator3026d ago

See, why do these people start these comparisons. Can't they just congratulate Forza 3 on its success WITHOUT mentioning GT?

chrisnick3026d ago

can't greenburg congratulate halo3 without mentioning Resistance 1+2, Uncharted 1+2, killzone2 and gow3?

Just reinforcing your point.

willie62893026d ago

most of these comparisons are due to turn 10 dev's continually comparing their product to GT.

and on a related note, "if a Turn 10 dev is to be believed" - stopped reading right there.

PRHB HYBRiiD3026d ago

forza cannot be compared with GT in graphics..hell even GT 4 looked similar to forza 2 however forza has awesome customization and online community.both games are awesome.

tinybigman3026d ago

But a pretty good showing for them nonetheless.

MNicholas3026d ago

They're not even on the same platform. GT5 and Forza 3 are not direct competitors except among the few consumers who are undecided about which console they prefer and will at least partially base that pricing decision on these games.

Given Forza 3's rip-off/nickel-and-dime pricing model (get half the cars for full price and pay that amount again for the rest of the cars) it's unlikely that they won over many converts. The mediocre visuals and plethora of physics bugs wouldn't have helped.

Silver3603026d ago

Car games generally put on a decent showing, but none of them have ever sold the amount the Gran Turismo franchise is used to selling. Prologue has sold over 4 million copies and GT5 itself is expected to do way better. But the guys and gals at Turn 10 must be happy with the those numbers. 4 million copies is a great achievement.

And by the way, those 4 Million copies of Forza 3 were sold at $60 in period of 7-8 months compared to the 4.65 million copies of Prologue sold from December 2007 at $40.

Syronicus3025d ago

Grasping at straws are we? It sold more like a prolog version of GT but in no way did it even come close to a full retail GT title.

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knightdarkbox3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

GT5P sold almost the same as Forza 2 ( 4 millions).What does that tell you?GT5 will have a weak impact on sales.

the ps3 doesnt have the install-base the ps2 had

or do you think GT5 is going to sell like 10mil consoles when it is released?


mark my words..

Hyrius3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

GT 5 Prologue sold close to 5 millions and it's just a demo. ;)

young juice3026d ago

the first gran turismo sold over 10 mill when the PSOne was 4 years old with alittle over 10 million units sold.... ps1 didnt take off too fast but look at it now

Hanif-8763026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I really don't know why theres even a "Disagree" because thats just a fact in what you just stated.

k-Lan3026d ago

There was almost no compitition for Playstation's driving simulator at that point. GT5 will sell a good number of copies but to think it will hit 10 million within the first year or two is a joke. It'll definitly be the best racing game on the market. There's no doubt about it. I bought Forza on day one and after playing it for a few weeks i realized that even though the game is awesome, i'm not into car games like i was a few years back. I rather race my own! Congrats on Forza 3 btw!

corneliuscrust3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

What happened to the tons of articles vehemently stating that GT5P is not "just a demo"

Seem like some people can't decide whether it is a demo or a game.

I guess it depends on what point you are trying to argue?

Sad times on N4G

Either way, great sales for Forza3. It really is a great game and T10s support and updates have been great.

Having said that, GT5 will sell TONS AND TONS AND TONS. Some people don't understand the fanbase behind the GT series. GT5 will sell like MAD.

Bottom line: if you love racing and have both consoles, you should damn well own both games.

Pootangpie3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

see I can counter fanboyism too

raztad3026d ago


That's brand power, the same happen with GT5P which is just a glorified demo. BTW, you agree ODST is just an full priced expansion pack?

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saint_john_paul_ii3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

it tells you that GT5 is going to do double the sales.

previous prolouges did these numbers. then when the real GT games release, they become 10 million+ sellers.

do a better job at reserching and trolling next time. it looks like you started gaming now...

k-Lan3026d ago

I predict you'll be eating crow. If not, i want mine well done ;)

dangert123026d ago

gt5p was released how long before forza ? come on lets be serious now
we all know gt5 will outsell forza 3 and gt5p put together but lets try and be fair 'try'

N4PS3G3026d ago

Exactly. GT5P was heavily bundled. It had a price range of $40 to as low as $20 and it sold 4.65M in 2 and a half years.

Forza 3 is closing the 4 Million mark in just 7-8 $60 bucks

FlipMode3026d ago

Forza 3 was bundles too, no?

Lionhead3026d ago

God such terrible trolls in here

Noctis Aftermath3026d ago

You can't seriously think that forza 3 has been selling at full price this entire time can you?

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bioshock12213026d ago

@hyrius but GT5P was heavily bundled with the PS3 since it came out and it was just recently bundled with the slim. Yes Forza 2 was as well but I remember sales where great prior to bundling for Forza.

gaffyh3026d ago

Every game is bundled, that excuse is lame. Forza 3 was bundled and GT5 will be bundled too. Doesn't detract from the game's sales, because it is the game that is selling the systems really.

Day 1 buy GT5 for me.

Tony-A3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Some people tend to forget that the PS2 didn't sell 145+ million out of the gate....

When GT3 came out, the PS2 was in the 15mil units range. By the time GT3 sold 15mil, the PS2's install base was about the same as the PS3's install base now.

GT4 sold less than GT3, despite the bigger install base of well over 90mil.

Do I think GT5 will sell 10mil? Look at the history:

All GT games sell about 10mil
All GT demos sell about 5mil

GT5:P sold about 5 mil with an install base much smaller than the PS2 had when GT4:P came out, but still sold roughly the same.

You have to understand that Gran Turismo has an extremely hardcore fanbase. If a full GT game is on the horizon, they will buy, just like all major Halos sell 10mil and nothing more, while smaller Halos sell about 5mill or less and nothing more.

They both have a strong loyal base. GT5 might even attract more people with it's new control system, damage, NASCAR and more.

I think GT5 is going to surpass MGS4 with ease. It always does, it always will. Heck, the demo was close to knocking it off the top spot....

@N4PS3G - PS3 games normally have longer legs than 360 games. Gears 2 sold 5 million in less than a year and has been stuck there since. MGS4 sold that in just over 2 years, selling over 500,000 7 months into it's second year, which is alot.

nanometric3026d ago

Even I, who isn't keen on racing games will buy this game on day 1 (and it was supposed to be my only racing game, but M3 was just announced full with awsomness). All of my friends will also be buying GT5. GT is PS trademark.

prettyboy13026d ago

u sir r a very delusional.hell i have friends who where 360 owners that r waiting to but that game its crazy.anyways peace and gaiming mr delusional

RememberThe3573026d ago

There is still little competition. GT is the standard. If they keep the formula the same (unlike GTPSP) this games sales are sure to impress you. We haven't had a real GT game yet and now that we're getting to E3 we're going to start seeing a lot more from it.

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Godmars2903026d ago

Yes, lets just ignore review comparisons or general reactions, sales are the only thing that matter.

Unless they apply to a PS3 title...

Shaman3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Well Forza 3 in comparison with GT5p or GTA4 is actually AAA title...actually GT5p is barely 80 on meta,while Forza is 92.Whoping 12 points difference in average...Forza 3 is for GT5p like GOW III is to DMC.

I know in terms of sales BUT Forza series is AAA series,same cant be said for GT anymore.GT5 will deliver,most probably will sell like crazy and get AAA but until then,Forza 3 is ultimative racing sim this gen.

saint_john_paul_ii3026d ago

GT5p is just, that a prologue.

of course it will have a meta rating in the 80s.

GT4p got the same ratings.

in terms of sales Forza will never touch GT.

Tony-A3026d ago

I think they mean "Forza 3 Sales Are GT Demo-Like"

Gran Turismo sells, on average, over 10 million copies.... THAT's GT-Like.

The latest demo sold just shy of 5 million, so Forza 3 still has a bit to go, but good progress nonetheless.

mushroomwig3026d ago

There seems to be a war going on at N4G regarding what games have outsold what. -___-

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