Tecmo KOEI Reveals E3 Line Up; Fist of the North Star Confirmed!

With the embargo finally lifted, Tecmo KOEI finally revealed the line up of games that they will be showcasing next week on the showfloor.

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MightyMark4273109d ago

I'm hoping Quantum Theory will be good!

WildArmed3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

lol thanks for reminding me about that game.
The game had utterly poor pre-views.
i'm glad they took off the march '10 release date.
They really need to polish that game from what I understand from the previews.

I'm hoping for a good game too!
Because there is no such thing as too many good games xD

But I'm more excited about fist of the north star, old school anime into a game? EPIC WIN

MightyMark4273109d ago

Yea, another game to look forward to is Fist of the North Star!

MostJadedGamer3109d ago

One of only 3 games I am interested in the rest of the year.

NYC_Gamer3109d ago

all i want from this company is NG3....

WildArmed3109d ago

Good call.
but with Itaki (or w/e his name was) leaving, I hope they don't do a reboot of the franchise. It's one of the better action games out there.

Chris3993109d ago

First Zill O'll to ever make it to Western shores.

They're going for a Valkyria Chronicles (sorta) water-color look too, where everything has the semblance of a painting.

And those games have always been epic in scope.

crematory3109d ago

but wait for itagaki new game on e3

xino3109d ago

a new Ninja Gaiden game or Dead or Alive!

Enigma_20993109d ago

... pardon me while I do a Ric Flair strut... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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