Why the Wii needs more games like FFCC: The Crystal Bearers

Gaming Gauge writes: "The Crystal Bearers is the sixth entry in Akitoshi Kawazu’s Nintendo exclusive Crystal Chronicles series and is an entirely new direction for the franchise and as such has certain points where it stumbles; it is not perfect, and it doesn’t have to be. However, the game is a valiant effort and can be argued to be the exact type of title third parties ought to be making for the Nintendo Wii."

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dangert123106d ago

beause thats a good game and the wii don't have many good ones in comparison to the absoulute sh*t ones

Myst3104d ago

I wouldn't say Crystal Bearers personally, but the old Crystal Chronicles of four players yes. Though it would be nice if it wasn't on DS as well not that I hate it or anything, but obviously the last one was down tuned on the Wii as well. If I had a say in the matter I'd say do two different ones, but similar stories at least like how their were two Zelda's back on GBA [Oracle of Ages and then seasons.]

I think the Wii is slowly making it's way back and High Voltage is certainly trying to do so. Capcom tried with Tri and was successful, through the fruits of their labor people really liked it.

Now the only thing left to do is get more developers to become more serious about the system as a whole. Though it already seems to be starting.

SpoonyRedMage3104d ago

I'd love if they announed a Crystal Chronicles 2 for the Wii and if they really want to include portable/console cross-platform play then the 3DS is rumoured to be around the power of the GCN so it works out.

Echoes of Time was really a DS Game, for a long time it was intended only for the DS.

Myst3104d ago

Hmm if it is as powerful as say the GCN then by all means do go ahead I really liked Echoes, and liked how you could play with others from DS to Wii. Though at the same time it seemed like the Wii had no improvement aside using the Mii.

I'm just hoping if they do it the same way they can at least do a bit more improvements on the Wii side. Although I got the DS version of the game I'd still be nice so I know which to chose.

SpoonyRedMage3104d ago

That's an issue with the functionality though, they can't include content in one version that isn't in another, the only potential difference would be performance wise.

I suppose if they had a split Single player and Multiplayer more like Ring of Fates then they could have different content.

ChickeyCantor3104d ago

I thought you said they announced CB2...My o my, what a disappointment D=

Mikhal55693104d ago

I was one of the people who was really siked for this game. I went out and bought it on the day one and was pissed! This game was one of the biggest disappointments I have played in a long time. I hated the fact that you had to manually control the camera. I hated the fact that there were all these beautiful detailed towns filled with people and you couldn't talk to almost ANY of them. I hated the controls in the battle system because they barely worked. When they did the battles where so easy my best friends 8yr old daughter could whip through the game.

word to the wise rent this one first!

ChickeyCantor3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

The game had his flaws, but i still think it was well-made.
But true, it was on the easy side.

hatchimatchi3104d ago

ring of fates is my favorite in the series. I hope they continue making the crystal chronicle games, they've always been fun but at the same time, they always lack that special something that classic games have.