Final Fantasy XIII - What The Hell Happened?

Final Fantasy XIII is a game that has polarised RPG fans between those who believe it is oustanding piece of well crafted story telling, and those who think its is nothing more than a tedious corridor simulator.

We at the Games4M show on DualShockers are in the latter camp and in this video we explain why we think this is the worst Final Fantasy game ever and put the question to Square-Enix – What the hell happened?

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Ninferno3109d ago

i love FFXIII, best FF ever.

ClownBelt3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I love it too. However, FF 8 is the best FF ever for me.

Yeah FF X was awesome too. I'd say it's a lot more polished than 8.

iiprotocolii3109d ago

8 was great, but I think X did it for me overall. Great combat, story made me tear at the end, characters that I attached to, etc. I dare say that one, with 6, were the best ones I've ever played.

Hitman07693109d ago

I'm voting for FF6!!!!!!!!!!

I love 7 too though....

I LIKE all FF games though too for the record! So far so good, keep em coming!

Bodyboarder_VGamer3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

FFIV, FFVI, FFVII and FFVIII are the best FF games for me but the best game from Square is Chrono Trigger and from Enix is Terranigma. The only Dragon Quest that I liked was DQVIII... FFX was almost as lame as FFXIII IMO. Only people that doesn't care that much for the genre are the only ones that can stand games as linear as these but at least FFX had more things than 60 lame missions and corridors. FFXIII was all about going forward and nothing more cuz even the armor and weapon upgrades were useless...

BTW I totally agree with @Jon Ireson (first comment in the DS article). Is that guy you Hitman0769? Same avatar.

ShinMaster3109d ago

It's good...ok actually. But definitely far from being "the best".

The battle system pissed me off. I was actually watching something else while I blindly pressed "X" repedetely.

Everything felt too repetitive. It didn't feel like an RPG to me.

Oh, plus a mediocre story.

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cobraagent3109d ago

Prepare for a lot of disagrees but i will have to agree. I have no problem with the linearity nor with the complete absense of towns

Shang-Long3109d ago

How Come? i didn't disagree with you, because thats just your opinion, but why don't you mind?

exploring the open world is one of my fav parts of the series.

cobraagent3109d ago

You can explore the open world in the ff13(gran pulse). I don't want to talk to people that talk using speech bubbles and when i get in a town i want to get out of ,immediately

Shang-Long3109d ago

thats fair

alright i havent played FF13 but is gran pulse the only place thats open in the game?

cobraagent3109d ago

Have you played ff12? Imagine all the valeys in the game. Thats how big gran pulse is. Its huge. I have spent 90 hours in that place completing all the side missions

Shang-Long3109d ago

yea i have 12.

okay yea thats pretty big, and 90 hours is alot. so you enjoy the game for what it is. thats whats up

Redempteur3109d ago

actually having NPCS to tell you always the SAME thing over and over is ridiculous ... IMO

besides it didn't work with the setting .

Nothing was lost ..side missions are there ..there is plenty and they are far from being easy ( up to mission 30)

Carfting ? it's here
Shops ? it's here

My only real complain was that you went to this crazy themed park and you couldn't even play ONE mini game ..

ThanatosDMC3109d ago

^They took out A LOT from FF13 after all.

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Reibooi3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I loved Final Fantasy XIII as well. I thought it was great. Certainly different then past Final Fantasy games but still incredible nonetheless.

The problem was people hyped the game up to no end and then when some parts of the game were not to their liking they blew them WAY out of proportion. Final Fantasy X was also quite a linear game. It did have towns and all that but was still quite linear. Yet no one complained about it back then.

Really I think people WANTED to hate Final Fantasy XIII and didn't really try to give a chance in a sense. Sure people played it. But if you play something wanting to hate it you are going to hate it.

And really this video makes me laugh with how ignorant it is. No ambition in FFXIII? The main reason they failed in most peoples eyes is they were TO Ambitious. They tried to evolve the JRPG when alot of people didn't want them to and in doing so made a VERY different game. That in and of itself was ambition. Ambition was relying on very little story and almost all character to drive the story forward. They tried alot of new things in FFXIII and just because poeple didn't like it doesn't mean it wasn't ambitious.

Games4M - Rob3109d ago

"Really I think people WANTED to hate Final Fantasy XIII and didn't really try to give a chance in a sense. Sure people played it. But if you play something wanting to hate it you are going to hate it."

What a load of bollocks.

People bought and played the game and have valid legitimate reasons for not liking it. You liked it - good for you, but dont try and downplay the fact that an overwhelmingly large portion of people (many of whom would have already been FF fans) thought the game was EXTREMELY dissapointing on many levels.

Reibooi3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Notice how it's gotten to the point on N4G that you cannot say ANYTHING good about Final Fantasy XIII(or SE for that matter) without getting flamed or mass amounts of disagrees.

I could have left my comment at "I loved Final Fantasy XIII as well. I thought it was great. Certainly different then past Final Fantasy games but still incredible nonetheless."

Because that is a positive sentence about the game I would get nothing but disagrees.

People WANT to hate this game.

Bring up ANYTHING the game did very well. The incredible sense of scale or the fast paced battle systems or the incredibly beautiful CG or soundtrack or the massive open area of Gran Pulse and watch the massive disagrees and flame wars start.

That to me means people want to hate it. But then again everyone on N4G is always looking for something to complain about.

yess3109d ago

The game was one big autopilot..
You had no control of anything other than running to the next fight and watch the auto do the rest.
When upgrading the spheregrid i diden't even look at what i unlocked cause i had no control of using the powers i unlocked.
A bad boring FF with no soul..

Some thing that where good
The weapons, and i did also like the different enemy types...

Redempteur3109d ago

Well "coming out" saying that you loved playing FF13 is a crime for some ...

And there always this guy telling you that the game is " auto pilot "..

i just can't resist asking: " did you beat neochu on auto pilot ?"
Did you try the most challenging missions ? because you can't auto pilot them ... Also most of the epic fight FF13 has you are constantly managing the roles of your team ..

I laugh a lot when some people are telling me that the game is on auto pilot ... Titan quest #52 ?? sure do that on auto pilot and come back to tell the story because i sure won't believe you ...

I actually agree on reibooi on many points ... FF13 a was a ambitious game that tried many things..but when you get the "same path" reply you know that those that claim to know ff13 didn't went beyond the surface of this game ...
i spent 110 hours in ff13 and while i did 20h of grinding i'm still having fun beating the most tough foes ...

AUTO is for help ... and it's broken doesn't work properly on many ennemies because you need proper input ( MANUAL ) to not waste turns like a noob

yess3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I did beat the game 100% and you are right some fight you had to use tactics, keyword "some" and then ...Back to auto.

And another thing i really hated was, smal enemy smal damage, big enemy big

Redempteur3109d ago

of course why need a stratégy (once you reach that point ?) your levels are enough ...

everyone use AUTO when they are farming Cps...

But auto during big bosses ??

And besides when you aren't auto're probably switching paradigms ..

Meryl3109d ago

rubbish i was not even hyped for ff xiii(after SE's bad RPG's on x360 I had lost faith), but i was very sad after getting the platinum trophy, the story was nothing but rubbish, and that is what i play RPG's for a good story, ff xiii failed me so much, but it's no surprise as the genious behind FF left ages ago and is working on the last story as we speak

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darthdevidem013109d ago

I love it too but FF6 IS THE BEST FF EVER. come on thats undeniable, watcht he Opera Scene.

FOXDIE3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

lol this is one of the worst games I have played, the cut scenes suck the most. This is how the game plays:

walk straight path
face enemies
tap x repeatedly
watch cut scen
upgrade weapons/lvl
walk straight path
face enemies
tap x repeatedly
watch cut scen
walk straight path
face enemies
tap x repeatedly
watch cut scen
upgrade weapons/lvl

etc etc etc, every fucking 3-15 minuts, there is a cut scene, boring as hell, let me fucking play. Im at hour 20 and this is exactly what I have been doing those 20 hours, now im not gonna finish this shitty game sorry.

ThanatosDMC3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

People that supposedly "love FF13" are over looking that fact that we had to suffer for the first 10 hours of the game. 10 hours is a lot of sh!t to wade through.

Even if you loved FF games, it was too easy to hate FF13 because it makes you feel you werent playing the game, but just watching it. If whoever argues with what i wrote down and what Caso wrote, then please tell us if you didnt just tap X repeatedly on those many hours in the beginning.

I thought it was just a tutorial at first but hours went by and it kept on letting me just tap X to win. It was a horrible experience.

Meryl3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

even after you complete the game and get to do sidequests it very generic, walk to x mission find x mark, defeat x mark, upgrade weapons etc, it's all grind no fun, rubbish story, my advice to people stay away from ff xiii it is utter trash compared to ff1-ff10
my favourite FF;s in order
1. FF8
2. FF7
3. FF6
4. FF9
5. FFX

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iiprotocolii3109d ago

This video was hilarious. I haven't played the game as of yet, but I heard a handful of the same arguments made here by a couple of friends who have played it. I'm still going to get the game sometime soon, just not sure when. >_>

JoelT3109d ago

but at the same time he does make some very valid points. Good to see it from a different angle.

Dramscus3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

When I heard they were taking the parts of FF12 that I didn't like and adding more stuff I wouldn't like I didn't buy the game or even waste money on renting it.

No strategy in combat
No towns
No roaming
No backstory/more plot holes

They should have not gone multi platform, and not (from their own mouths) cut half of the game.
I know some ones going to say, but they said it's no worse for being muli plat. Bullcrap PR management.

Hitman07693109d ago

I like FF13 but I have to agree with some of the points made here!

Chadness3109d ago

This video is hilarious, even if you loved the game.

taz80803109d ago

FF13 is probably the only FF title to ever get so many mixed reviews. Funny video