New Mortal Kombat Game - Trailer Analysis

Realm of Gaming: Offers an analysis of the newly released gameplay trailer with still shots from the video and a list of characters and arenas featured in the trailer. Also includes a link to download the high resolution version of the trailer.

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nan03108d ago

I've actually just got MKII on the PS network. It's awesome, I really want a new MK. Rated M for sure, with Kung Lao. Hat throwing goodness...

Pumbli3108d ago

Oh yes, Kung Lao is my favorite character.

I remember MKII on my Sega Mega Drive back in the day... Man, I need to get it on PSN soon.

Mista T3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I can't fricken wait for this. this and the new deus ex is all I'll need. that and GT5 :)

Death24943108d ago

have you guys actually downloaded the trailer? This looks like Mortal Kombat meets MVC2. You can character swap in the matches now. Looks like this is going to be a game i might actually have to pick up.

Kingdom Come3108d ago

I realy hope this game is great, the series deserves it.
Fantastic, Brutal combat...

CobraKai3108d ago

Ready to kick ass with Johnny Cage. Bringing the most badass move ever devised: THE SHADOW KICK.

I'm praying that the fatalities look as badass as they were in MK1/2, and not the cartoony ones in the PS2/xbox games. They should be quick, simple, and make you go "OH!".

Genki3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I'm not impressed by anything more than the actual character models themselves.

The juggling looked absolutely ludicrous, see Kung Lao's kick juggle as an example. The mechanical look and feel from the Deadly Alliance trilogy is still apparent in this. The way the characters move, even when falling, attacking, or getting hit, looks like stop-motion claymation. It's all very rigid and lacks fluidity.

I will say that the fatality that Kung Lao was getting ready to perform on Sub-Zero looked wicked, and if that's any indication, the fatalities should be pretty sick, but the fighting itself looks meh. Hopefully there were a lot of placeholder animations and physics there, but I highly doubt that because if there were, this footage would not have been assembled as a trailer, but rather as a demo at a gaming convention. I'll try this when it comes out, like I typically do with Mortal Kombat, as I'll always love the characters and the earlier games, but I'm going into the experience with a very reserved attitude.

Although I do think the original trilogy represents the best the series had to offer, I don't necessarily think that 2D is the quintessential formula for fixing a damaged franchise.

I'm all about something 3D, new, and fresh...but only if it works. MK4, Deadly Alliance, and MKvsDC were all fresh new reboots, but they were all garbage, with 4 being the most embarrassing of the entire franchise. These games weren't bad BECAUSE they were 3D, but because nearly every aspect about them was very poorly executed. It's not impossible to create a well-crafted, innovative idea, but the team really needs to go back to the drawing board, put their heads together, and think on this one. I'm sick of being let down time and time again by my formerly favorite fighting franchise.

NewYork2143108d ago

yeah the juggling really mad me get annoyed. i hated that in the newer tekkens also. i still cant wait for this game though. i hope test your strength is back lol

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The story is too old to be commented.